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Eye of the World interior cover picture

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Hello all,


so Ive been doing some work for a side project.

I have several copies of the Eye of the World and I am having trouble finding information on the interior cover of The Eye of the World:




I know Darrell K. Sweet is the artist for this image (by the initials by Mandarb's hooves).


Im trying to figure out where in the story this image is from? From what I can tell, I assume this would be from Chapter 10: Leavetaking, as they head out from Edmond's Field to Tarren Ferry.

Also in that chapter, only 7 people leave on horseback (Rand, Mat, Perrin, Lan, Moiraine, Egwene and Thom). Who are the other 2 people in the back as I count 9 on horseback?

Also, from the sign, I assume thats the Winespring Inn in the back from the sign?

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I always thought it was Baerlon for some reason. Not sure where I picked that up though.


We know one of the other people is Dannil. In the early going he was to have a larger part in the story.

Interview: Nov 11th, 2000 Liandra from The Netherlands
I understand there would be a person in The Eye of the World, but that he was cut out or something. Who was he?
Robert Jordan
One of the characters who I have brought in later was a fellow named Daniell in The Eye of the World, and I brought him out because I realized he didn't have anything to do there. I reintroduced him later. At that point, he was simply taking up space.

There was a detailed conversation with Brandon on this subject during his re-read of 2011.


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I always thought it was Baerlon as well, since I recall Rand remarking on how tall the buildings were, at a stunning 3 stories. It was also the only town the group actually walked through together in the entire book, save for the borderlands.

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I went back to the Eye of the World. Chapter 1 actually states the Winespring as having a red tiled roof, river rock for the 1st floor and whitewashed stone for the 2nd. It looks like it is the Stag and Lion as chapter 13 (Choices) states it is a 4 story building, just like it appears in the picture.

Knowing that when the party left The Stag and Lion Nynaeve had joined them (which would be 8) and then the removed Dannil  (Ive never heard of this character before) would make 9. Mystery solved. Thank you all. Has been bugging me for a few days now.

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I always thought that the picture was of some Two Rivers village since the roof shapes in both covers seemed similar.

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For me I just assumed that it was 'Watch Hill' that our heroes were passing through, as we know that Sweet's WoT artwork can be extremely inaccurate at times.

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I just always took the town drawing as just some of the artists interpretations and that it was just Emonds fields. If you look through all of Darrell Sweet's covers they were never really that accurate to the story, particularly the early ones. They all had some semblance of the scenes but were never anything like what actually happened.

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