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Wanderlust(or Leaving Home)

Saphira Silvermoon

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    The sky was a beautiful light blue with a few wispy clouds of pearly white. The sun was tantalizingly warm on her face. The flowers were in full bloom everywhere around her. The trees looked so wonderfully fresh and inviting. She thought that she had never seen (or paid attention to it, if she had) the grass so green and vibrant before. The birds were singing the most beautiful song she had ever heard them sing.

    "Nateera, child, what has you so enraptured this fine beautiful morning? You haven't heard a word that I've said."

    I am sorry, mother, but it is as if I am being called to go somewhere for some reason I do not yet understand. Have you ever felt like this, mother? It is both inviting and frightening at the same time. I am sorry for not listening to you."

    "The only time that I have ever felt anything like what you are describing was shortly before I met your father. Perhaps you are destined to meet the man you will marry soon. Or, perhaps, you are just trying to get out of doing your chores today, young lady. Now, let us get back to work. Your father will be expecting lunch."

    "Alright, mother. I understand," she said with a smile on her face. "I am coming."

    After lunch was served, the dishes done, the tables cleaned, the floors swept, she began doing the laundry. 

    "Well, I suppose, this is not such a bad life, after all. It just feels like there is something that I have not experienced yet. Mother does not really seem to understand what I am feeling. Perhaps I will travel to some exotic land someday. Yes, that is exactly what I will do," she mused. "I will leave on my sixteenth birthday and explore the world."


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Nateera only had about a week to get ready,if she truly intended to leave on her birthday. She was very diligent in her chores, doing them as quickly and efficiently as she could.


Every morning she arose, completed her morning ritual, and went downstairs to the kitchen to help with breakfast. After breakfast she would cleanup. It was the same at lunchtime and suppertime. In the evening she would work on her knitting while making her plans in her head. At about ten she would excuse herself and go to her room.


She packed her flint and steel, her comb and brush, her knitting supplies that were not in use, some clothes, her supplies for making snares, fishing tackle, soap, towel, travel rations, water skins (which she would fill just before leaving), and her bedroll. In her purse was about twenty copper, ten silver, and two gold. It wasn't much, but it was hers. She put her things in the shed.


On the morning of her sixteenth birthday, Nateera told her family that she was leaving to explore the world. Her parents thought that she was just fantasizing about what might be in store for her future.


"Child, you are too young to go off alone in this world. What has put such a fool notion into your head, girl? Where would you go and how would you live? What would you eat? Forget this foolishness and do your chores like a good innkeeper's daughter. Now go help your mother with breakfast."


I will leave today! Father just does not understand! I have to find out why I feel like this and the only way to do that is to travel and search out this pull! Hopefully, one day, father will forgive me for disobeying him.


With that thought in mind, Nateera walked toward the back of the house as if she was going to do her morning chores. Once she was outside, she retrieved her things from the shed,  slipped through the gate, and headed toward the main road. When the townsfolk asked her how the family was, she replied, "They are well. Thank you for asking."


I had better leave town before one of my brothers come looking for me. I refuse to be stopped . 


She filled her waterskins and left as quickly as she could.

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Nateera hoisted her pack and bedroll, slung her waterbags over her shoulders and slipped out of town, hoping no one was any the wiser about her plans. At night, she would search for firewood. She always made sure it was dry wood so that it wouldn't smoke so bad. If her brothers were sent to retrieve her, she didn't want a green fire (which would send up more smoke than dry wood) bringing them in. They would simply insist that she go back with them and wouldn't leave her unguarded until they returned to the village.


She travelled like this for about a week until she came to a village that was even smaller than her own. She went to the inn and rented a room for one week. During this week, she explored the little town and the surrounding territory. 


At the end of the week, having found nothing of interest, she decided that it was time to move on. She counted her money and realized that she would have to find a way to earn some more.


She decided to start walking and see what opportunity might present itself. When she would come to a farm, she would ask if there were any chores she could do in exchange for a meal and a bed. Usually, the farmer's wife was glad to have her help, even if only for a day or two. Nateera started her habit of making gloves and hats for the families, at this time.

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