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Hi Millon! Via will send you a welcome PM shortly with all you need to know. 

Hey hey hey now! I didn't agree to nothin here lady. Lets not jump to conclusions. 



Heard my name. What's shakin?



awwwwww yeah. Nm. Jump to conclusions. If this is how I am greeted I most certainly will stick around. 

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Lady, you is lookin FABILOUS lately. How you been?!

What do you mean by lately???


Im doing alright. Hows you sweets?

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Okay. Okay. You're always fabilous. You've been increasing that fabilousness exponentially lately. 


I'm doin alright. Trying to prep for Wyatt's surgery in January and not really doin much. Just arguin. Hoping we can get it together. 

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I would love to have the world bow and grovel beneath me.




It's nice to have ambitions.


Without ambition there is no reason to live or going on doing anything.

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    •   Not gender constricted, no. Anyone can be a Warder or Aes Sedai or Asha'man or Wise One. Usually you're restricted to the path you can follow within a subgroup, though. For instance at the White Tower and Warders you can either choose the Aes Sedai path or the Warder path - you can't be both. You can be an Aes Sedai or Warder at the WT&W AND you can be a member of the Black Tower, though.
    • I'm more curious about the Trump administrations actions (and inactions) on two fronts:   1.) Why are we actively tanking the Turkish currency to free a single prisioner? I understand "doing everything possible" to secure the release of Americans held abroad, but shouldn't the responses be proportional?    2.) Why are we silent on Canada vs. Saudi? Seems like it should be a slam-dunk "We stand for international human rights and expect that our allies do the same."
    • In what way is "Socialist" equatable to Nazi/Klansmen?   As for Omarosa, I find it funny how much of a "great person" she was when she was working for Trump. When people are working for him, on his side, he loves them. Heaps praise and good words on them. Yet the moment they are no longer together suddenly they are "despicable" and "liars". If he knew they were those kind of people already, why hire them in the first place?    Pretty clear he has no actually basis for any of this and just hardline supports/attacks anyone who disagrees with him.   Also, putting one person in a position of moderate power 40 years after the fact does not make previous actions any less racist.
    • "6.) There are now 5 former klansmen/Nazis running on the republican ticket in the fall"   And how many "Socialists" are running in the democratic ticket in primaries and in the fall?     "5.) said that murders/domestic terrorists/ethno-nationalists were “fine people”   No he did not he said that their were fine people on both sides of the Charlottsvile protests. You can be a fine person and be misled into rallying with despicable people (happens all the time on the left when regular left leaning people come out at the same events as ANTIFA).    As for the rest of the things on your list, they are all things that were known before the election and did not stop Trump's election. More importantly, they were all things that Omaraosa knew about long before she took a job in the White House or in Trump's businesses for that matter. Thus her actually believing that he is a racist is more then a little bit suspenct.   Also, you do not rent to black people becuase you are a racist but you repeatedly hire and put into positions of power and influence a black woman? Seems to me that the latter indicates that his previous actions should be attributed to something other then Trump being a racist.