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Warder's Gameshow Week Announcement


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Hello All,


Right now is supposed to be Warder's Gameshow Week.  Unfortunately, with my busy schedule (I'm currently working two jobs, on personal projects, and switching to another job which requires a sleep schedule change), and with Heart gone too, there's not a lot I can get done.  With that we don't have many threads, for that you have my apologies, however, I wanted to give an incentive for those participating.  The points earned in games will go towards things that you can purchase - in specific - things you can make me do :baalzamon:


Here are some ideas that I have (I will eventually apply point values to these)


Kronos draws you a picture (ok - I'm not da Vinci - don't expect the last supper)

Kronos creates a thread for your own pampering (or that of your disc/ajah)

Kronos gets prettied by the Reds



I'll come up with more ideas, but I want you guys to have some fun with this.  Feel free to shoot me some ideas as well.



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