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Mashiara Sedai

Real life Pictophone game

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I saw this link on Pinterest, and realized it was how to play Pictophone in real life!  We've played it here in the WT for several events, and I've always enjoyed it very much. 


I work at an elementary school, as an aid to two autistic boys in 6th grade.  As such, the 6th grade teacher readily accepts me as an equal member in the classroom.  It's a wonderful environment and all the children in class don't hesitate to ask me questions, or talk to me, or bring me presents!  :D  I love it.


Anyway, when I saw this, I texted my teacher a link, and thought it would be fun to do a "school appropriate" version with the kids in class.  We tried it this afternoon and I could have died laughing.  They were all so cute and funny!  We had them think of their own sentences to start with, so that's part of why they turned out so hilarious.  Here's what they came up with.



"The taco was heavy"

"Bag inside something"




"Green Bay Packers"

"Green Bay Packers"

"A football into a donut"



"The bird ran rappidley into the burning car"

"Hot car burning a bird"

"Gas boom! And a fire bird"



"Exploding mine turtle"

"A turtal on fire"

"Blind guy jumproping"



"Snopy played checkers with Woodstock"

"The horse playedcheckers with a squirrl"

"A cat got bump on head by trash can and squirrel"



"Ninja VS Pigs"

"Ninja fighting a pig"

"The Indian girl squinted her eyes and couldn't see the wild pig"



"Bugs Bunny is a bunnys bug"

"Dogs with bed bugs"

"The dog went to the hospital and got ebola"



The kids had a really fun time, and the teacher let me run the whole event.  It was great, and they all thanked me after we were done.  I can't wait to try it again!

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My favorite is gas boom! And a firebird. Lololololol


Yep, same here *grins*


Mind you, I'm impressed by the little one who's so up to speed with current events ... lol

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