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Post pictures of yourself - just for fun!

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And I've never seen the resemblance before but now I don't think I can unsee lol


Then my job here is done ^_^






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I stole a top hat from that booth later that night. Then took it to a bar where I lost it and it was being passed round. Eventually some drunk girl put it on my head and tried to dance with me. Then I mannered to get it home (the hat lol)


Panchi...!? You aren't three?

But we should get you some sunglasses

sunglasses...maybe... I am not fan of any kind of glasses though


Here's two of my Household Sisters and I at our Church's Masquerade. I'm the one on the left in the brown and blue. MY HAIR IS LONG ENOUGH TO DO STUFF WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!









Here's my roomie and I with our masks off (I'm on the right)


These are good!


And Panchi, you look as fun in pictures as you are in person!


Especially in the last one *tilt*

Fun? fun? You called me fun? :') I should frame what you said and put it somewhere everyone can see. No one ever called me fun before.


Went out last night

I'm the one in the tie (as usual)



Smile stands out more than the tie


My mom  in law found a ton of pictures from our wedding, and I found one that I adore!


Is that your dad?

Oh and the pic is good

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Is it possible to delete gallery photos?


You can delete whatever you posted in this thread, as long as you have the same account as when you posted them.


If you mean photos on the Picassa gallery, then if you put a request through we can delete your photo from there too - just send me a PM please. I might not be able to get to it for a few weeks, though, but Mirsh might still have the log in details and be able to.

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Lalalala partyyyyyyyyy nightclub stuff


And yes, I'm aware I look all kinds of drunk. I was. *rebel*


*is teh one with teh short haircut in case yous forgot*





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My hair is getting longer!!! :D :D :D 





Getting there slowly...


(and ignore the whispies being blown by the heater next to me :P)

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Looking great AH! That layered look is really great on you!


Nya, you are sooo cute, I just wanna gobble you up :D

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You want to know what the fun thing is? I've not had it cut/styled/trimmed anything in the last year. It's just grown back like that! :P


My mom wants me to get it trimmed soon though, even though it is still perfectly healthy and everyone thinks I've gotten it styled <.<

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I used to buzz cut my husbands hair, and his also ended up looking layered when it grew out.


No need in getting it trimmed! Your hair should be super healthy after being allowed to grow all out, and you don't strike me as a person using a straightener/curler every day :P

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