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If you were Aes Sedai...

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At first I thought Green, no question, since I love many of the things the Greens stand for, not the least being surrounded by good looking men. However, after some thought, I would have to say Gray. I think it could be just as action packed and potentially dangerous as the life of a Green, especially because those who end up agreeing to treaties are often those who are least interested in making them in the first place.


So, Gray Ajah, with more than one Warder, to help me cut through the battle lines and protect me while I begin trying to bring about peace.

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I don't think I could be an Aes Sedai, especially with the way they act now a days in Randland.


With that being said, i'd go for being an Asha Man and than I would go about binding Aes Sedai from the white tower. Without their consent.

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Red-black. HELLLLS yeahhhh


True power, evil, asskicking + stills all those annoying biatch women who constantly sniff like they all got itchpowder up their nose.


Rise in the black tower, take over taim's scrawnyass, go chosen. WOOt

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