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Moon Sedai

Grayman Tasks

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Instructions: With tasks involving other Social Groups I want to see interaction. Don't just go post a story and give me the link. I want you to get them into the thread and posting with you. These aren't supposed to be super hard but they aren't supposed to be super easy either. AND BE EVIL, SICK, AND TWISTED!! But stay PG-13. If I feel that the task was done halfheartedly and without creativity it will be rejected. Post in this thread a link to your wicked deeds. Limit of 2 GMTs per month per member. 


Important things to remember!


~As always, stay away from the Kin and the White Tower...

~Also use your head on who else to aggravate with these tasks.

~Keep GMTs to public boards. 

~Pinned topics are off limits.

~You may only do a task once unless failed. Then you must wait a few weeks before trying again unless specified in the task.
~Only 2 GMTs per month per member

~Do not put multiple tasks in one post in this thread. Double posting is fine.


Points are now awarded as reflected below. You will still gain a level for every Grayman Task you do. Maximum Grayman level is 13, you will still be awarded points after you reach this level.


LVL   Name


11   Reyoru

09   Lily

07   Panchi

06   Cosmicpanda

05   Moon

04   Alaksuleiel

03   Cyan

03   Leelou

03   Thorkin

03   Verbal

02   lonewolfshifter

02   Player

02   Kronos

02   Sorcha

02   Tina

01   Basel

01  Chaelca

01   Nae

01   Wombat


Shayol Ghul


15 pts

  • Go to omegle.com (seems to work best in IE) and inform people of your plan to take over the world. Make it epic and post the chat log.
  • That's what she said. Use this line in at least 10 posts, but make sure that it fits the situation and makes sense.
  • Correct the Spelling and Grammar of a BA member in at least 5 posts.
  • Tell us a Story! Use only GIF and Images in your own thread, using only 2-3 words above the photo to help tell the story. Must be at least 15 posts.

30 pts

  • Make 25 posts on the main Shayol Ghul board using only images. No double posting and no reviving old threads, only threads that have been posted in in the past week.


SG staff (30 pts)

  • Lily is mafia! Find her 10 times in Shayol Ghul and post directly after her, making your case and naming her for scum. Don't forget to Bold and Red your vote!
  • Annoy Moon. Post after her 10 times, commenting about her dogs or her hags and pile love on her, to the point of stalking.
  • Insult the Chosen (Chae, Nynaeve, ----). You must insult all three of them. Post right after them, and be brutal.


Social Groups
(Aiel, Band, BT, Ogier, WK, SG) (NOT ALLOWED AT: WT, Kin, ACW)


15 pts

  • Go find someone requesting a new Siggy. Make them one, but have it be absurdly ugly. The uglier, the better. And stand by it. Say you worked hours on it, making it beautiful for them. You want to really guilt them into using it.
  • Take a friend to a board at DM and get into a fight. Make it a real knockdown, drag out fight. See if you can get someone to tell you to knock it off or to take it somewhere else.

30 pts

  • Follow Verbal32 around on the SG boards and agree with everything he says. Do it in SG for at least 5 posts. Post links of examples and make sure you mention Jennifer Lawrence at least twice.
  • Go prancing through the Social Group main boards like a pansy, singing and picking flowers and talking peace and love. It has to be convincing and it has to be at least 20 posts spread out to several different threads.
  • Covert someone to the Shadow. Follow them around the DM main boards and post after them 13 times. You must mention channeling and include a picture of a Myrddraal at least twice.




15 pts

  • Commission a Poem, telling of your evil deeds. Offer up a baby and saving from the trolloc pot as payment. Link to the poem once it is completed.
  • Dark Arts! Ask for a Dark Arts project! To complete this task you must do your best to convince someone to take on the project.

30 pts

  • Have someone write you a story. When they are done with it, change 25 adjectives to evil words.




Now that the spoiler ban is lifted, I'd like something about the Red veils.

15 pts

  • Go to the Aiel and steal one of the warrior's shoufas and a spear. Prance about in it, waving your spear. You must get the Aiel to respond in order to complete this task.
  • Try to convince three Aiel to play Maiden’s Kiss. If they agree to play, tell them all the gross things you would do for a kiss, Verbal Nasty Style, wait for a reaction.

30 pts

  • Gai'shain cannot fight while in their white! Attack the Aiel and carry off a Gai'shain or two. Toss them into a cookpot when you get back. To capture them, dance a little jig, and get their applause.



coming soon (Bounty of 50 points if you can help me come up with some kick butt Band GMT's)


Black Tower

15 pts

  • Go to the Black Tower and challenge a member to a Dore Saidin fight. You must state that you are from Shayol Ghul. Dreadlords and Black Ajah can use the base stats BT provides. Shadowspawn can use the True Power.
  • Tell the BT that they are just like Boy Scouts. Make fun of them for their pins, and ask them to build you a bird house. Must do this in 10 post after any BTers.

30 pts

  • Go to the Black Tower and try to seduce one of the members. Use your brain as to how to achieve this. You MUST say you come from SG. After you are kissed, kill them in a particularly sadistic manner and tell them that you are Lanfear, Daughter of the Night, and you'll not be demeaned by the touch of one so pitiful. Stalk off in a snit, blasting things left and right as you go.




15 pts

  • Go to the Ogier and ask for a Flower. Try to gather five flowers from five different Ogier. With the fifth flower, set them all on fire, and tell them that the Dark One is prettier.
  • Attempt to sing to the Trees. Write a song to the trees, and wait for a response. You must state that you come from the Dark One.

30 pts

  • Is that a building? Is that a tree? Is that an Ogier? Go to the Ogier, and keep asking questions. No matter what they say, respond with three more questions. Keep going till someone gets annoyed.




15 pts

  • Visit the Wolfkin and post a new thread. Post right after the same wolf three times. Tell them that you have stolen their soul, and they are now a Darkhound for a Week.
  • Go to a New Pup thread, and use the Chili Pot as a litter box. If you get sent to the Torture tree, plot your escape. Tell them of how the trollocs will save you. If you instead get tossed into the Chili Pot, tell them of how your addition has made it better.

30 pts

  • Visit the Chili Pot and jump into a thread (That isn't a game thread). Attempt to poison or steal the chili. Don't give up, no matter what the Wolfkin do. This must take at least five posts. If you succeed, bring your tale, and a wolf or two, back to Shayol Ghul. Tell your story. The bigger the better!


If you have questions, please follow this tree of people:

Moon- BA Faction Leader

Lily - SG Org Leader


Completed tasks found here: http://www.dragonmou...-grayman-tasks/


Note: If Anyone presents me with ideas for new GMTs, I will give them points.


Frequently asked question: 



WolfbrotherKronos, on 06 Jun 2013 - 06:48 AM, said:snapback.png

How do I link actual posts?



Leelou, on 06 Jun 2013 - 06:51 AM, said:snapback.png

See the # in your post? Click it and a box will pop up with a link. Copy the link and voila. 

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****Spoiler Alert**** Content from A Memory of Light. Be Warned!










Possible Band of the Red Hand Tasks:


1. Follow  a Band members post with comparisons of their group to the "White Hand of Saruman".

2. Chose one member of the band and follow 25 of their posts with "Blood and Bloody Ashes!"

3. Correct 10 Band of the Red Hand member posts when they you the word "THAT" unnecessarily in a post. (If you are unsure if it is unnecessary, read the sentence without the word 'that', if it still makes sense, it is unnecessary.)

4. Leave the comment "Talmanes Must Die!" in 20 different band posts. At least ten posts must be in the last week. (This one is actually personal, i feel Talmanes was done wrong as a character by cheapening an AWESOME death in the AMoL prologue by having him haled. One of my favorite characters too...grrr.)


Just some quick short and simple ideas. Hope they help!

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