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I had always thought, or maybe read, the Ta'veren were all born where their predecessor fell.  Rand was born on Dragonmount where Lews Therin ended it.  Mat was born in Emonds Field where Aemon fell and Perrin the same thing. 

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The books have not told about any past lives of either Mat or Perrin; nor of other characters.  Rand and various Heroes I think were the only ones.


Not sure if either author told about past lives of characters.

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No, Mat was definitely those men in his past lives. I'm not sure about Aemon in particular, but we know Mat and Hawkwing had a conversation about why Mat was not bound to the horn and talked about facing each other on the field of battle multiple times.


I do not believe any one else's past lives came into play, but that theory is an interesting one.

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A question::

The doorway limit on both doorways; does it extend to other incarnations of the soul or does it apply to just the current incarnation?

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