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[Blue & Yellow Ajah Harry Potter Week] Harry Potter Trivia!


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Welcome, muggles and magic-users to the Harry Potter Trivia Event!!




(Don't cross the streams!!!)

Seems as this was supposed to go up yesterday, we shall get straight to the Rules:


1) Movies and Books are both possible sources for questions. I shall specify which source the correct answer shall come from.

2) Questions shall be rated from 1 to 3 points.

3) Have Fun!!


First Question: 2 Points

If you descend to Level 3 of the Ministry of Magic, what Department are you visiting? (Books)

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Misheru:                           9 Points

Rhea:                                4 Points

Daruya:                             3 Points

KassidyRose DaiShan:   3 Points

TInaHel:                            3 Points

keyholder21:                    3 Points

Xthrax:                               3 Points

Mashiara Sedai:                2 Points

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And while Rhea thinks, Misheru speaks. Correct, dear girl :P


2 Points, Book:

On the day the Dursley's took young Potter to the zoo, he got to finish a half-eaten treat of Dudley's after he threw a tantrum. What was this treat called??

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Tina is correct!! Muggle should've known better - rock beats scissors, and broom beats hang-glider.


Next Question:

3 Points, Book: Dean Thomas, a muggle-born, brought a poster of his favorite football-league with him to Hogwarts. What team does he represent?

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