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[Blue & Yellow Ajah Harry Potter Week] Harry Potter Hangman!

Leala Sedai

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Welcome to HARRY POTTER HANGMAN! If you haven't met me before, I suppose you can call me Nearly Headless Nick...though, I really prefer Sir Nicholas.

I suppose you're wondering what a ghost like me is doing hosting an event called "hangman" when I was CLEARLY done in by a dull axe to the neck. Well...I can't really tell you. I simply received an invitation to host this event from an anonymous member of the Blue Ajah. It seemed to be codified in some way, but she seemed nice enough, so here I am.

This game is rather simple.

You'll start off with a series of blanks with mysterious letters missing. For every letter that you guess correctly, you will receive ONE POINT. For every word, or series of words that you guess correctly, you will receive THREE POINTS.

If you guess a letter or the words incorrectly, well I certainly won't hang you, or take away your points, but you won't receive any more than what you have.

Sometimes, I'll receive something called a BONUS ROUND. This one will be longer than the others, and you will only have SIX CHANCES TO GUESS INCORRECT LETTERS. If you do guess the longer series of words correctly, you will receive TEN POINTS. There will only be three of these during the course of the week.



Misheru Sedai: 13

Rhea: 4

Daruya: 1

Elgee: 7

Aiel Heart: 1

Keyholder: 21

Crimson Ayla: 11

Mrs. Cindy Gill: 19

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