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[Blue&Yellow Ajah Harry Potter Week] Picture Caption


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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Blue & Yellow Ajah Harry Potter Week! :biggrin:


In this thread I will be running the picture caption game! It's simple: I put up a picture and you try to give it a funny or clever caption. :laugh:


The game will start in the next thread. If you've arrived late, please feel free to caption all or any pictures posted on the thread, even if they are not the latest one. :smile: 


Most of all, enjoy and have fun! And do keep it PG-13 as well :tongue::biggrin::laugh: 



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Hermione: So as you can see in this article here, Broomsticks Weekly suggests that the perfect practice for quidditch is with eggs.


Harry: Yeah mate, we totally used to do this when Oliver was captain.


Ginny: Yeah i think mum read an article about it in witch weekly


Ron: Okay ...  but with raw eggs mate?


Hermione: yeah with raw eggs.  are you doubting my research


Ron: Well .. okay then.



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Photo 1: 


Ron: Did you know this is the same helmet that the Chudley Cannon's Keeper wore?


Hermione: You mean it's the same brand?


Ron:  No, it's the same helmet.  If I take it off, I can show you his sweat inside and he even autographed it for me!


Hermione:  *grimaces in distate*


Harry: That's disgusting, mate!  Look, I'll buy you a new helmet and you can keep that one as a souvenir.


Hermione (muttering): Yeah, in the trash bin, hopefully!



Photo 2:


Voldy:  And then you pluck out their eyeballs and eat them. You don't even need to salt them first because they are already sufficiently salty.


Dumbledore: Fascinating, Tom . . . And you say that will improve my vision and I won't need my spectacles anymore?  I don't know . . . it just seems like pure superstition to me.  No, I don't think it will work and that you are just tweaking my nose.

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Pic 1:


Ron - These eggs taste way better going down than coming up.


Hermione - Ronald, you're disgusting!


Harry: *snicker*


Pic 2:


Voldy:  You're right, Albus.  Basilisk really does taste like chicken...

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Picture #6





Voldy:  this, right here ladies and gentlement,  this is why we cant have nice things





Picture #6






Voldy: you see what i have in my hand Lucius.


Malfoy: um theres nothing there?


Voldy: actually there is something there.  my expectations for you actually fulfilling an order i give you.  see i have such low expectations for you, that they appear to be non-existant. 


Malfoy: but ... my lord


Voldy:  look at it this way, any success you have, no matter how small, will be a pleasant surprise to me

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Because I'm worried about my internet access this weekend...


Picture #3





Snape: yes your hair does feel as soft as i thought it would, boys.  Do you use herbal essence or old spice ....


Harry: maybe its Maybaline

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Picture 3 -


Snape:  You make for terrible bongos.


Picture 4- 


Hermione: This candy tastes awful!


Ron:  Oh uh, I think it was a specialty bag of ear wax jelly beans.  I thought they were lemonade!


Picture 5-


Harry:  I shouldn't have eaten all that Mexican food *stomach rumbles*


Ron:  We still have two hours to Hogwarts!


Picture 6-


Voldy:  Look at my lifeline, Lucius, LOOK AT IT!  I'm not going to die, that psychic said so!  *sticks out tongue*


Lucius:  Uh....


Picture 7 -


Teacher (offscreen):  You have been chosen for the Synchronized Sweeping team of Hogwarts!  Ready your brooms; I've got dustpans for you over here.


Hermione (rather haughtily toward Harry and Ron):  I've already prepared a routine.  It's probably too difficult for the likes of you.  

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1. Ron: There's just one teency problem with owls delivering your post at breakfast.


Hermione: Oh, what's that?


Ron: ...that wasn't sauce on my eggs.


Everybody else: ...



3. Harry: Sir, can we please move on to page three hundred and ninety five now?


Ron: Yeah, how long do we have to spend on this bit anyway?



Snape: *pulls up cuffs*





6. Voldy: Your nose, Lucius. I require your nose.



7. Hermione: SIT! Who's a good broomstick!

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Because I'm worried about my internet access this weekend...


Picture #3




Snape: What do you mean "they don't twist off", Dumbledore?



Picture #4





Hermoine: Don't argue with me, I have it all planned out. In 3 years time I'll be Head Girl and we'll be dating.

Ron: ... bloody hell.



Picture #5





Harry: Maybe we shouldn't have snuck out to watch Twilight at the drive-in.

Ron: Are you SURE that was Cedric? Bloody hell. He twinkles.



Picture #6





Voldywoldykins: Do you call THAT a manicure?? Well, DO YOU??

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