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Welcome to the BT Bridmorgan!

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Brid has finally listened to the voices in her head and is ready to learn the wonders and terrors of channeling saidin!


This is excellent news and requires many brownies.






Many, many brownies.











Our Lady Dragon should be along shortly to get you officially welcomed (with points and user group access adding and whatnot), but in the meantime, do tell us...


Just how insane ARE you, really?




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Looks like one of my storm leaders beat me to posting your welcome thread... But welcome to the Black Tower!

Here I am known as Logain, leader of the Light Faction... You're lucky that the M'hael has gone on a short LOA so she can't torment you... directly.


Enjoy your stay here and feel free to spam to your hearts content! Our Lady Dragon shall request your access to our private boards soon but it can take a little time to get your keys made so until you have access to our private boards please feel free to have a look around the parts of our tower that you can see and feel free to ask our members any questions you may have. 


While we wait for the others to get here and welcome you please feel free to make yourself at home, enjoy the brownies and other tainted treats, tell us a bit about yourself, your favorite Ash'aman, your favorite weave, etc...


** Channels a small gateway to the kitchens of the Tainted Tavern and reaches through to grab more treats for the party **


Here are some strawberries dipped in tainted chocolate made by the best of both the light and shadow factions.


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A few tainted shots will help increase your levels of taint...

Warning: Drink at own risk - Side effects include increased voices in your head



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A HUGE WELCOME BRID! Not so long ago you welcomed me and now I get the chance to welcome you :smile::biggrin::wub:
Careful when eating Lightie food. Always gives me indigestion :wink: Let me welcome you again from the Shadow faction as well :baalzamon::wub:

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