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[Album Review] The Hunting Party by Linkin Park - Alternative Rock (RR Task)


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The Hunting Party - Linkin Park - Alternative Rock


Album Cover Artwork:



Release Date: June 17th 2014


Track Listing: (Ratings in Green)


1. Keys To The Kingdom - 3:39 - 8

2. All For Nothing (Feat. Page Hamilton) - 3:34 - 8.5

3. Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim) - 5:54 - 8.5

4. The Summoning - 1:00 - 6

5. War - 2:11 - 8

6. Wastelands - 3:16 - 7

7. Until It's Gone - 3:53 - 9

8. Rebellion (Feat. Daron Malakian) - 3:44 - 9

9. Mark The Graves - 5:05 - 7.5

10. Drawbar (Feat. Tom Morello) - 2:47 - 8.5

11. Final Masquerade - 3:38 - 8.5

12. A Line In the Sand - 6:35 - 8


This new album for Linkin Park is a return to the sort of sound we haven't heard since their second studio album "Meteora", way back when in 2003. Here, Linkin Park has done away with the very electronic sound they have adopted in recent years and went back to a much more "pure" rock sound. Gone are the Mr. Hahn solo tracks (although I do miss those) and especially the Steve Aoki collaborations (again, I did enjoy that to some extent) and instead we have the likes of System of a Down's Daron Malakian and Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello featuring. However, Linkin Park did not leave their rap sound behind, including rapper Raki on the album's debut single, Guilty All The Same. This album has a very strong undertone concerning the struggles and oppressions of our society and that of others around the world. But I won't get into that too much and will leave these interpretations for you to make on your own playthroughs. Now, let's take a closer look at the album track by track!


The album starts off with some scream-rock in Keys of the Kingdom. The song itself is quite good but the start of the song, and essentially the album is a little jarring, in a not so pleasant way. When was feedback ever cool? Otherwise the song itself is a strong tune with a lot of energy to get it all started and will get the crowd moving. Next is All For Nothing which I think is one of the strongest songs of the album lyrically. Strong rap verses from Mike with a catchy chorus, you'll come back to this one often and it'll have the die-hards singing along in the crowd. Next comes Guilty All the Same, the album's first single. I think this is a good, strong song, and Raki does a fairly good job, but I think they chose the wrong track as a single given this album is a return to their rock roots, yet here is the only track featuring a guest rapper. Bit misleading in terms of what people could have expected from the rest of the album, and the die-hards would have probably preferred to hear some of the other tracks off the album as the first single. Still, good song and quite catchy the more you listen to it. Good melody as well.


Next comes what I think is the weakest track on the album, an instrumental track called The Summoning. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against instrumental tracks, and this one is meant as a transition between tracks I suppose, but they could have done much more with it. Weak. On the other hand, War is awesome! Has a very Offspring sound to it if you ask me, and its biggest (only?!) fault is it's too short! Great energy on the track and will be a fan favorite at shows with a certain mosh pit accompanying it. This is followed by Wastelands. I'm not super enthusiastic about this track but it isn't a bad one. Features a lot of rap from Mike, which is never a bad thing, but the issue is none of it seems particularly memorable. The chorus isn't bad but again, Mike's rhymes will not stay with you after the track ends.


Here come some of my favorite tracks on the album! First is the album's second single, Until It's Gone. Now HERE is a track reminiscent of the Linkin Park of old. Catchy song from start to finish, great sound, great pace, really a solid song. And quite the nice video too (unlike the video for  Guilty All The Same... Seriously guys I'm a gamer but what the hell was that?!)! Next is arguably my favorite track on the album, Rebellion! Now, I am quite biased here because System of a Down are one of my favorite bands, and lead guitarist Daron Malakian features on this track. This gives the track quite the SOAD sound on guitar evidently which I just love and I think the whole song, like the track that came before it, is really solid and memorable through and through. Two heavy hitters right here just past the midway point of the album. These tracks are followed by Mark The Graves, what I would consider to be the album's "slowest song", on an album that largely takes no prisoners and has a quick pace throughout. The track is a good one but I can think of many other "slower" Linkin Park tracks that resonated much more with me than this one did.


The final quarter of the album finishes strong. First is the second instrumental song on the album, Drawbar, featuring Tom Morello. While I personally am not familiar with Morello's sound enough to really pick up his unique contribution to this track, this track is far better than the other instrumental track on this album with a beautiful range of sounds and instruments. Really a much more creative and interesting track. The penultimate track is Final Masquerade where Chester leads us into what is a memorable song that will be another catchy one with a good chorus. Good, solid rock song. And finally, we have the album's final track A Line In The Sand. The album closer has another catchy rock chorus with good work from both Mike and Chester. During the chorus, Chester yells "Give me back what's mine!". If that's the band's old rock fanbase, I think they did a good job of it with this album.




Guilty All The Same - Really disappointing video, and I'm a gamer. Come on guys, how does this even compare to your next video?

Until It's Gone - Very nice video, the nice visuals you'll be used to from old LP videos with nice shots of each band member and all.

Numerous lyric videos as well (which is good as their album booklet doesn't include any!) - Check them out at the band's Youtube Page.


Overall Album Rating

Out of 10, I give this album an 8. Solid, successful return to the band's rock roots, finally giving a lot of their fans what they had been asking for, for a long, long time. While I liked their last couple of albums, this is much, much closer to the Linkin Park their fans fell in love with all those years ago and have been eagerly anticipating their return. Well folks, it's finally here. Be sure to check it out!

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I like the artwork of the cover. It looks quite different than what i had in mind for them.


They have definitely changed a lot over the years from their roots so to speak. Although this album is a bit like coming back full circle for them. Almost :wink: 

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I like them too! I didn't know that they had a new album coming out. I gotta check out their new album! Awesome review!

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