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The Stedding was... boring. Nobody ever wanted to play and have fun- they were all about work and discipline and training. Whoever heard of a family that didn’t have fun together? Janna had PROMISED they were a big happy family. Well, Skylar certainly wasn’t happy, and she was practically the baby. In fact, to all of them, she was a baby. They all seemed to think she was going to get into trouble! As if Sky would ever go looking for trouble... Oh who was she kidding- she loved getting into trouble. It was like a balanced part of every day. Well, life wasn’t so bad... except for Miryana. She was mean. Evil, even. The woman had called Skylar a child... it had almost driven her to the point of tears. So she was 12... that didn’t make her a child. And she had called her SPOILED! Evil woman...


And so, that was why Skylar had slipped away for the day. She had a room in the barracks and in the infirmary, where she could stay in either one, but they didn’t need to know where she was all the time, and she would be far off by the time someone noticed she and Cloud were missing. It had been Cloud's idea to climb up to the top of the waterfall. Using her brain, Sky had packed a little basket of bread, cheese, milk, and a bit of sweet cake. Yummy, how she enjoyed sweet cake. She had never had it before coming to the Stedding, and would stay just to enjoy it. Cloud would probably attempt to hunt or something silly, but Skylar had a bit of ham, which was cooked, for him. Her little snuggly would have to deal with that and wait till dinnertime for real food.


Real food... there had been a time, not so long before, when real food was what she had packed for herself. Raw meat was... insane. However, more and more, she found herself craving such items as what Cloud ate, and it was growing harder to accept. She didn’t want to turn savage like Miryana- she would much prefer to control her feelings and the changes. Her eyesight was a cool difference. Everything was clearer- especially at night. However, no one ever allowed her any fun so she couldn’t use this. Her hearing had also improved, making sneaking away from Miryana easier, and Cloud was always good to talk to. She loved her new friend.


"Come on, Cloud. Don't make me beat you to the top!" she yelled to her friend, her feet flying through the tall grass as she ran up the hill. Cloud made a sweet little laugh as they raced closer to the water. Jumping over a branch and dodging a bush, Skylar let herself feel free in the wind as she ran in naught but a loose skirt, a thin shirt, and her undies. She didn’t have an inch of extra fabric than she needed. Her hair was flying out behind her as her hands flew back, one holding the basket, the other grasping the wind. Light, how free she felt. Cloud was right at her heals, yipping and yapping all the way.


“Lookit that log!” she yelled, pointing at a fallen tree that was over the river. A beautiful blue lake lay underneath the waterfall, and she wished to swim in it and feel free like a fish. Pity she couldn’t swim… `Follow ` Cloud ran across the log and stood in the middle, yipping and yapping at her to follow. “Ok…” something didn’t feel right… but suddenly, Cloud was on the other side, and she had to follow. It wasn’t like she could swim across the river. Setting down her basket, Sky stepped over to the log. Testing her balance, she skipped upon the log and giggled as Cloud ran to the middle. “Come here, silly!” she giggled, her feet somehow balancing.


“Woah!” she gasped as her foot slid. She almost fell over, but balanced herself with her arms out to both sides. “Almost lost it there-“ and with that, as Skylar tried to jump up and spin like a pretty acrobat, she slid and fell into the water. “HELP!” she screamed as the river fell into a waterfall. Only a hero could save her.



Skylar and Cloud

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For the first time in a very long time Burrich found himself with a day free of responsibilities. After swimming in the lake for an hour or two he was now relaxing on a rock near the falls. He had no idea what he would do with the rest of the day but imagined it would progress in much the same vein as the morning had, with a lot of swimming and relaxing and the occasional meal. He pulled some meat, bread, and cheese from a pack he'd brought from the inn and enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch.


Storm Hunter and Snowpaws were wrestling in the sand nearby and Burrich wondered once more how long it would be before they mated and he had a litter of pups terrorizing him instead of just two adults wolves. Strom was the biggest wolf Burrich had ever seen or heard of and Snow wasn't exactly small either. And both of them had a knack for getting in trouble. Any cubs born to those two would certainly be a handful. He'd have to consider moving out of the inn soon that was sure. Wall didn't mind having a few wolves running around the place but even his patience would be tested by such spawn as these two would produce.


His thoughts were interrupted by a scream for help and the next thing he knew a little girl was lying in his lap. It was the new Wanderer he'd heard abot, the youngest one yet to come to the Stedding. What was she doing out here alone? "Well, hello there little one. Did you need some help?"

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