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Where the flaming cowbells are all the coastal towns in Australia?

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Are you guys hiding them, or something? What's wrong with you people?? I just spent 4 hours trawling up and down your west coast looking for ports, and found only about 3 or 4 places north of Perth!


This is me stopping off every few 100k trying to find something:







Just to clarify: I was helping my sister with research for her book.

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Lol, Cindy!



Our western two thirds is sparsely populated, it's mainly desert. 

The East Coast however is riddled with coastal towns.


I saw so! lol ... I suppose if I did the same check up South Africa's West Coast, I'd find the exact same thing (for the same reasons). It just seemed so weird ... miles and miles and miles and miles of beach. And no settlements.

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