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A Warders Story

Slayer(THE ONLY)

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Yes that’s the name I give myself, slayer of Trollocs. I've spent my life hunting Trollocs and now that its quit in the blight i just had to come and see what a Warder is like. Well I’m now hiding on the walls to the white tower watching the warders train. I must admit, they do look pretty good with those swords. I wonder how many i could take on at the same time. I think 4 is a good estimate, They cant be as good as everybody says or they would have seen me by now.

Almost without a start he pushed away the wooden practice sword that had suddenly appeared at his neck.

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Korvin pulled back his wooden practice sword and surveyed the man before him. A dangerous looking fellow, a sure veteran.

Korvin nodded to himself. "What are you doing up on the tower walls?" Korvain said sharply "It is no way to get about joining the warders if that is what you seek to do!"

Korvin beckoned to the man as he turned and headed off towards one of the stairs leading down to the ground.

He fingered his practice sword as he waited expectantly at the head of the stairs. A very dangerous man. What was he doing hiding up on the tower walls? Better keep an eye on him.

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