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Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival: Putting Together your Picnic Pieces


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Hello everybody, welcome to the Midsummer Festival!


As this year we have a picnic theme I thought I would talk about picnic preparation: mainly all those cool picnic tools and utensils that you can find!


The first thing you need of course is a picnic basket or hamper.


We recently bought this one:




link to page:




Its four person, has real plates, salt and pepper shakers as well as a corkscrew, glasses cutlery and napkins. And there is plenty of room inside it for yummy food as well.


I also really like these two





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(I don't see a pic Via :sad:)



Has anyone seen these?  I think they are really cool!  It was mentioned in an article I was reading earlier this week coincidentally!





Apparently one side is for storage and the other side is a cooler.


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those are really pretty.


when I was traveling with food when Basel and I were courting, I'd use these bags from the liquor store that had six pockets meant to hold bottles, but I'd use one for cups, and one for utensils, one for napkins, one for salt and pepper and hot sauce and a corkscrew, one for serving utensils, etc., with paper plates in the center.


we very practical, lol. the bags aren't pretty but very efficient.


the cider traveled in it own case :laugh:

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My husband and I were given a huge, beautiful picnic set as a wedding gift! It's wicker, and has plates and utensils and cups. It's so lovely, but we've never used it. It's just sitting in our closet. It looks similar to the last one Via posted.


I love the one that attaches to the bike! So clever!


Cindy, I've got a bag like that from the grocery store. It's so useful. They gave it to me for free!

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I love that one with the space for a bottle Chaelca, very important on a picnic ... hic! :wink:


Next, I would need a mat













And for me, size is definately important - there has to be lots of room to spread out your food and laze about with a full stomach afterwards

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That looks so awesome and cool! Where do we get one Keyholder?

Sorry I took so long to reply Cairos!



I saw it on amazon. Here's the page, but it looks like they are out of stock at the moment. Boo! I bet if you do a google image search you could find another place to get one though!

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the bigger the better when it comes to blankets! :wink:


so now we are all comfy, we can reach in to our really cool picnic baskets and take out our cups and plates


maybe they are multicoloured and stack in a jug



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