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Approved Band Bio: Faydora Dasso - Wolfkin CC'd


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Your Handle: Chaelca

Name (First and Last) of this character: Faydora Dasso

Age of this character: 18

Origin: Tear

Physical Appearance

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Height: 1m70

Weight: 55 kg

Skin: Tanned

Build: Thin but athletic

Notable features: Almond shaped eyes.

Primary Weapon: Daggers

Secondary Weapon: ...more daggers ?

Preferred Division: ??? no idea yet

Special Skills:

Good at sneaking everywhere... except in forests.
Is very good at throwing daggers.

Knowledge Weakness:

Tries to hide her knowledge about history, culture, etc. As she thinks that it would help people recognizing her.
Big weakness: she has only had to fight in inns and in Tear shady alleys. So she doesn't really know anything about wars or fair fights.

Personality weakness:

Has a big ego, is cocky
Gets angry when people notice her weaknesses


Fang can look like a very angry person at first sight. She has no friends at the moment and is very suspicious of everything and everybody.
Would she manage to make friends, things would be very different, though. Indeed, when she really cares for someone, she would defend that person to the prince of her life.


Her only goal at the moment is to stay away from her father.

Quite happy with her fighting style, and thinking she is very smart, she is very confident in her skills. Unfortunately she still has A LOT to learn. But she doesn't know nor doesn't want to know about it.




Fang is 18, she doesn't remember her mother. She has only known her father who has been a very influential man in Tear. She has no brother, nor any sister.

Using his wealth to give Fang the best possible education and cares, he tried to give her everything in a way to make her forget about her mum's absence. The attention Fang  received grew to be a real burden to her, though. Despite all she had and the attention she received from the house servants and maids, the girl wanted more... and especially more freedom. Her father had been very protective with her, not wanting to lose her as he had lost the love of his life. The girl was not supposed to talk to other people than the ones her dad agreed on and had to stay at home most of the time. The only leisure she could have was reading and drawing. But this situation only lasted a time.

Around 14, she found ways to escape the family house. At first, she just had walks into the streets, then she went to see the Stone, to visit the harbor and to peek into the inns. It was after a couple of weeks that she managed to make a couple of friends. They were orphans, so quite poor but a lot of fun to her. It is them who taught her how to fight with sticks and daggers, how to drink wine and ale, and how to steal from shops and pockets. They knew who she was but it didn't really matter to them. It is because of her wide smiles and wolfish grins when going on "coups" that they called her Fang instead of Faydora, her real name that she hated so much.  She loved her friends dearly and was really happy to spend time with them without her dad knowing anything about it. Indeed, at that time, he was especially busy with Lords and Ladies and he had to give all his attention to his business.

After 3 years of sneaking and pickpocketing, Fang 's hidden life went at an end.As her father learned what she had been doing for so long. indeed, she and 3 of her friends, got finally caught by one of the guards on a small "heist". Fang's dad used all his influence to allow his daughter to get away unarmed but he pushed to have her friend flogged, imprisoned then banned from the city.  Fang found herself locked up in her own house with no more contacts with the outside world and awaiting a marriage with one of her dad's business partner.

She used the days spent in her rooms to train with her daggers, to read about the world and to plan an escape. She even tried to channel, but it never worked. She was glad of it though, as she didn't really want to escape her dad to find herself imprisoned in the White Tower instead.


On the day of the ceremony, right after the maids had dressed her in her wedding dress and had left her to signal to her father that she was finally ready, she set fire to her room and used the confusion to run away with her jewels and some of the golden coins she had managed  to snatch from her dad.

Now she was roaming the country, hoping her dad would never find her.

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