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MotG: Love Letter Game Sign-Up

Mashiara Sedai

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Do you want to play a game of skill and deduction?  Then sign up for Love Letter!  It's an easy card game where the objective is to be the last person with a card in your hand—or in the case of multiple people having cards, be the one with the highest ranking card.


Only 4 players can play at once (but we can have multiple rounds if there's a ton of interest). There are 16 cards in the deck, powers outlined below, with the rank in parenthesis:


1 Princess (8): You lose if you discard this


1 Countess (7):  Discard if you have the Prince or King


2 Handmaiden (6):  Protects you for one round if discarded


1 King (5): Switch hands with another player


2 Prince (4):  Makes any player discard their hand and draw a new card


2 Baron (3): Show cards with another player; lower card is out


2 Priest (2): See another players' hand


5 Guard (1): Guess a players' card (non-guard), and if correct, that player is out



Each player is dealt one card.  When it's their turn, the will draw one more—having a total of two cards in their hand during their turn.  They will discard 1 of their cards at the completion of their turn.  All other players will only have 1 card in their hand.  Discarded cards will be played based on their power (as listed above).


Each player will be PMed their initial card, as well as the card they "draw" from the deck on each turn.  Cards "played" will be posted in the game thread—which will be started when the game actually begins.  


At the start of the game, one card is placed face-down and unused, to add to the confusion when deducing.  You can never be certain which card is not in play.



So, if you want to give it a try, sign up below.  We will begin as soon as I get four players!





Round 1:



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Okay, that's 4!


I will send you your first card.  We will go in the order in which you signed up: Rhea, Key, RTE, then Kronos.  Copy and post the card you want to play in the game thread.


If you have any questions, ask them in the PM I'm sending you.



If someone plays a Priest or a Barron, I will inform each player that's affected about which cards they need to know. (ie: If Rhea plays a Barron on Key, I will tell Key what Rhea's card is and I'll tell Rhea what Key's card is, then announce in the game thread which card LOST--the winner doesn't need to reveal what card they had.  If RTE plays a Priest on Kronos, I will let RTE know what Kronos' card is.  Nothing is stated in the game thread, and Kronos doesn't get to see any cards in return.  Does that make sense?)

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