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Hi! I'm new to Dragonmount, but not to the Wheel of Time (I read all the series). I knew this was the greatest WoT site but never signed up till recently. I'm from Italy and my name is Luigi (that's the Italian for Louis). Here is my tumblr (mainly dedicated to WoT ): lord-dragon-reborn.tumblr.com

I'm glad to join this community!

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Hello! We are very happy to have you!! Please stop by the social groups. It's a great way to get to know people. If you need any help or have any questions, just ask. :)


Ryrin, Green Ajah Sitter

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Hi, Lord Dragon *bows* :tongue:


well for the social group it is quite easy. You just have to have a peek in each one of them to check out what they are all about. Then you will find in all of them a signing in/Welcome thread to start the adventure. Unlike the role playing group, the social group are about soft role playing, discussion, games and challenges.


The BlackTower is about madness, spams, brownies and One Power Challenges

The Band is about Traveling, Music, Dice Games, etc.



I have not visited all of them yet. That's why i'd say it would be better for you to have a look :wink:

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Welcome to DM!


I aggree with the others, our Social Groups can be a great way to get to know some of the other members, have fun and discuss common interests. I can personally comment on two of the social groups I'm a member of; First is group is the Black Tower which is an overall fun place to go for fun, games and just plain oddities (We're tainted there so there's a lot of silliness). The Second the Band of the Red Hand, of which I am LG of the Archers Division where we enjoy discussing music, travel and food. There are a number of other Social Groups you can check out so please do so and join the one(s) that appeal to you.  You may join as many groups as you like so check them all out when you have the time and have fun!


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here and one of us is sure to have an answer.

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Dawn, what about kidnapping the Lord Dragon and bringing him to the Band of the Red Hand






i don't think he's listening at the moment 

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