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Ithillian Turambar

The 4th BT Hunger Games - Star Wars Pod Racer - Turin Wins!

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The Rules.

1. There will be no Days or Nights - This game will last 7 real days - one day for each of the Pod Racing Courses.


The first course might last a little bit longer while you all get used to playing. This will be a fast and dangerous game. Inactive people will probably end up falling behind or blown up. You'll have to negotiate, build alliances or plan attacks as you race - because the only time you'll stop is if you fail.

2. There will be 3 Teams - you will earn more points if someone on your Team wins - However this is a Last Man Standing Game and the ultimate winner will take the trophy. The rest of you will conk out or get blown to bits.

3. There will be three Team Sponsors. They will each have a number of Gifts they can give to their team. They will only know who is on their own team. They will post when they give a Gift, but they don't have to say in the Thread who they are giving it to. Sponsors can not be included in any PM or other off Thread conversations

4. You may forge alliances if you wish, but there can only be one winner - so expect betrayal.

5. There will be no Lynches or Day Actions. End of Course Actions will occur simultaneously.

6. You can edit all you like. This is NOT Mafia

7. If you want to send a PM to another player, or set up a QT to build alliances and plot then feel free - include me for the Lols maybe :smile:. You can contact who you like (apart from the Sponsors) because at the end of Day it's not a Team game and only one person will win.

8. There will be mostly no secrets in this game. If a Pod is destroyed you will be told who sabotaged it, unless a stealth attack is used and it was successful. All the surviving Racers' positions will be announced at the start of the next Course.

9. The Racers will have No Special Roles. Everyone will have the same abilities as detailed below.

10. Everyone has the same Choice of Course Actions which MUST be submitted via your official Course Action PM:

A. Move your own Pod forwards 2 places
B. Move another Pod back 1 place
C. Divert attack from another (You will take any possible damage that is caused and possibly KABOOM!)
D. 1 Shot Total Sabotage - un-repairable KABOOM! - unless you manage to get to the Pits.
E. 2 Shot Quick Repair
F. 2 Shot Stealth Attack Damage - Can be repaired using a Quick Repair or visit to the Pits(If not repaired will cause a total destruct - MORE KABOOM!)
G. 1 Shot Pit Stop - will repair ALL damage and thus you will survive for the next race.

**You can submit you action for the day's course at any point while that course is active. You'll get the results when the day's race ends. There's be a new course every 24 hours and I'll post a Timer thingy so you know how long you've got left to submit and action**



Actions 1 and 2 can be used in addition to the other actions (if you have any other actions available)

So you can submit up to 2 actions per race.

1 of A or B


1 from C to G.

*Please be aware that multiple Stealth Attacks on the same Player will be classed as a Total Sabotage and thus KABOOM! unless you manage to get to the Pits.

11. There will be NO posting after death. Not even a Bah post. Dead is dead. YOU MUST REMOVE ALL DEAD PLAYERS FROM PMS AND QTS OR START NEW ONES IF THE DEAD PERSON STARTED IT.

Points Available

The Winner will get 25 points and the Runner Up will get 20. Other Active Players on the winning team will get 15 and any active losing team players will get 10. Those who go Inactive will get 5 points if I'm feeling generous.

The Team Sponsors will get 20 points if their team wins and 15 if they lose. They will need to be active and watch the Game. You can't include them in any PMs and QTs. You'll have to talk to them and impress them in the Game Thread. If they don't use up their Daily allotment of Gifts their points will be reduced by the number of Gifts they didn't hand out.

Sponsor List

1. Panchi
3. Dice

The Race will start shortly. Please don't post till I give the all clear - thanks Edited by Ithillian

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The Racers


1. Hallia - Stealth attacked and Killed - Race 4

2. Time - Totally sabotaged and Killed by Thane & Turin - Race 2

3. Turin

4. RTE - Stealth attacked and Killed - Race 1

5. Tina - Stealth attacked and Killed - Race 4

6. Tsuki - Stealth attacked and Killed - Race 1

7. Len - Stealth attacked and Killed - Race 1

8. Dawn - Stealth attacked and Killed - Race 1

9. Andrej - Stealth attacked and Killed - Race 4

10. Roo - Stealth attacked and Killed - Race 3

11. Thane - Totally sabotaged and Killed by Time - Race 6

12. DPR - Totally sabotaged and Killed by Thane - Race 2


Final Positions


Turin - Winner

Time - Runner Up

Thane - Runner Up


Team PINK wins



Start of Race 1 - The Executioner: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/89406-the-4th-bt-hunger-games-star-wars-pod-racer-race-1-executioner-game-thread/


Start of Race 2 - Sebulba's Legacy: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/89406-the-4th-bt-hunger-games-star-wars-pod-racer-race-1-executioner-game-thread/page-11


Start of Race 3 - Grabvine Gateway: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/89406-the-4th-bt-hunger-games-star-wars-pod-racer-race-2-sebulbas-legacy-game-thread/page-14?do=findComment&comment=3252486


Start of Race 4 - Andobi Mountain Run: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/89406-the-4th-bt-hunger-games-star-wars-pod-racer-race-3-grabvine-gateway-game-thread/page-17?do=findComment&comment=3253768


Start of Race 5 - Dethro's Revenge: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/89406-the-4th-bt-hunger-games-star-wars-pod-racer-race-4-andobi-mountain-run-game-thread/page-20?do=findComment&comment=3254857


Start of Race 6 - Fire Mountain Rally: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/89406-the-4th-bt-hunger-games-star-wars-pod-racer-race-5-dethros-revenge/page-21


End of Game - Boonta Eve Classic: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/89406-the-4th-bt-hunger-games-star-wars-pod-racer-race-6-fire-mountain-rally-game-thread/page-23

Edited by Ithillian

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Welcome to the 4th Annual BT Hunger Games - where this year you'll have to drive fast and stay alive to win because we are POD RACING!


We take our seats on Oovo IV to enjoy the first race of the Galactic Podracing Circuit - The Executioner. This track has a reputation for terminating the careers of upstart podracing pilots.


To make the race even more entertaining, the wardens of the prison have made sure the course's anti-gravity tubes are chock full of ore to smash into. That's right - they'll be racing through a prison.


There's an air of excitement in the arena, as our podracers make their way to the starting line. When the lights go out they'll be hoping that they can make it round in one piece, while all their competitors hope that they don't.


It starts off easy, with a rather large avenue, but it'll soon narrow down as two massive walls bring the diameter down to a single racer. As they head into the first anti-gravity tube some races may be lucky enough to find an alternate path above it. Back out on normal gravity, the track continues into a straightaway until racers met the next tube, 90 degrees below them. The entrance to the shaft is on the ground, so pilots must slow down or smash into the rocks ahead. They'll exit onto a straightaway, where pods will thrust through a staging area surrounded by an energy field.


Next comes a visit through the sewers, with four separate tunnels to choose from. But four will become one and all hell could break loose if they get their timings wrong. They'll find the beak of an Exogorth poking through the wall, but it might be best to not stop and take a photo. Finally, the racers will heading straight back into the arena to finish the lap.


On this terrain, podracers with high ratings in top speed will do well, as long as their cooling systems hold out. And of course if there's no shenanigans from the other racers.













Please ensure your actions are submitted by no later than 8pm BST. Here is a timer thingy to help you. The next race will be posted within the hour ... or less ... probably.



Edited by Ithillian

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woot woot!!!


ooo Turin, didn't cyan make that avatar for you when she pinked you?

Actually Ithi made me this avatar. It was around the Cyan pinking spree however. 

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Spammers lol.


The countdown timer has been added to the Race Start Post.




How are you going to manage without being able to vote for anyone lol.


And Turin's avatar used to sparkle as well.

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Dice can't be trusted since he is from Australia and as everyone knows Australia is entirely populated with criminals therefore...




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