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Welcome to the Black Tower!!!


If you are reading this, I hope that you want to join us. Just a warning, we are all crazy, spammy, silly and most importantly TAINTED here and we will shower you with brownies if you join. You might have lots of fun and never want to leave. Don't worry, these are normal symptoms.


Now, are you wondering what will you do once you sign up? Well, you start as a civillian and then advance to soldier where you get to choose your faction. Then you can advance through ranks to become a Dedicated, Asha'man and Attack Leader. Now, these are the ranks but there has not been any mention of the fun. There is fun at Black tower (or most of us won't be here). No matter what you like, there's a high probability you'll find it here. You want to be sure? Well, join us and find out. We have discussions, games, talking about random games and food. We love food, especially desserts, and love derailing threads to food. 


I think I said something about factions before, so back to that point. We have two factions here: Light and Shadow. As a soldier, you get to choose your faction. Are you going to be a knight in shining armour, fighting for the Light and defending innocent people and experiencing the craziness of Taint? Or are you a evil minded person, killing people, making many your minions, plotting for world dominion and belonging to the Shadows? (at this point, I feel like adding that these things are not limited to one faction and both factions experience them).


Are you wondering if were are insane? I told you initially we are. We blame the TaintTM for it. But we love this insaneness.


If you want to join us in the fun, that is to say want to join this Social Group, or were a member of this Group earlier but went away due to some reason and want to return, then this is the place to sign up.


Please try to avoid spam if you can. We love spam but at few places like to avoid it. Post here till you feel comfortable and then join your welcome thread.


If you want to know more about us, check our off-site Information Site. Please don't join this as this is only for information purposes.




Lady Dragon, Black Tower Social Group Leader

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*says in his best panchi impression* Chuckles totally gets a thread and he gets 50 points *nod* 



(dont balefire me.....plzz...)

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*says in his best panchi impression* Chuckles totally gets a thread and he gets 50 points *nod* 



(dont balefire me.....plzz...)


Access to boards: Approved

Thread: Approved

50 points: Disapprove (-50 can be done :wink: )

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    • Now your just back-peddling.

      A) Many of the stuff highlighted in the article took place between 1917 and the 1960s. So Not all of it was over a hundred years ago. WW2 was 79 years ago dude. L2Math B) Read the article. Most of it targeted Germans, not the Japanese, and that fueled growing xenophobia to target any non-English language. So much so as to criminalize any language spoken verbally in public that wasn't English in certain jurisdictions.

      So again, you said I was making a slippery slope argument. I wasn't. This shit already happened, even with languages of peoples we weren't at war with!   Other countries are also not America. Australia isn't America, Canada isn't America, Britain isn't America. Which is why any argument that mentions well it worked in X country falls apart.  Those countries aren't America. They don't have the same demographics, size, bureaucracy, etc.   If you have an official language, it sets precedent in the sense that we have already ESTABLISHED/ENSHRINED in the LAW that X language is the language of the land. Which makes justifying the criminalization of any non-official language so much easier.   If you try to criminalize speaking a language, you cannot currently justify it based on any Law that states English is the official language.    What you failed to see is that we have done it in the past.  By making it a FEDERAL LAW, it makes it easier for FEDERAL LAW to CRIMINALIZE it, not just local jurisdictions that relied heavily upon xenophobia of the time to make it pass. Criminalizing it right now isn't going to happen. But making a Federal Law making English the official language (And it's not going to stop there, it's going to go down Nolder territory of all official documents, no translations, nothing) allows for congress to pass criminalization laws in the future, without having to heavily rely on xenophobia. They can merely argue "But it's the official language!"

      Side Thought:
      If you want to make it so no federal agencies have to translate documents to foreign languages, cause F those guys. You don't need a Federal Law making English the Official language to do that. I'm pretty sure a Presidential Directive will accomplish that. Infact, I'm pretty sure most of what you guys want with it, can be accomplished through Presidential directives without wasting time in Congress on something so trivially stupid.
    • SI__ING / EGG / NOG   No A, T, D, R
    • S____NG / EGG / NOG   No A, T, D, R
    • I'm so glad there's at least some progress for you, hon!   My ex, who's currently living in Tallahassee, sends his regards. They seem to be back to normal there.