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    • So if you have nothing to add to the conversation aside from insults and snark... why are you here? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Oh Lordy, yes - I remember those days! hehehe   Head on over to the White Tower & Warders Social Group, if you're looking for well behaved people. I haz a heavy hand *grins*
    • I’m curious to know if you had read The Fires of Heaven during your initial read through or during your current re-read when you made this comment? I believe her story arc in this book is quite relevant to your point. 
    • Howdi hey. New member, old time reader. 👴  I started reading WoT in 1990 when I was 15. My friend's dad saw me reading Tad Williams (MST) and "loaned" me the "first part of a new trilogy". He never got it back as it was handed from person to person in my circle of friends and eventually fell to bits.  Pretty sure I spent more time waiting for the books than actually reading them. 😋 I'm super excited about the new TV series 😍and wanted to get into some chat. Haven't been involved in online chat about this stuff since the dark days of ancient dial-up, text-only news groups (the horror). Hopefully folks are better behaved these days (although my expectations are low). I'm pretty much a lurker but occasional will add a comment.  This looks like a really good site and I look forward to some rewarding exchanges. Cheers Hook (MIGTE)
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