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Approved WY Bio for KAELEN DALTARA - CC'd by the CotL

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Character’s name: KAELEN DALTARA


DM Handle: Kaelen


Age: 18


Place of Origin: Andor, between Whitebridge and Four Kings


Skills and former training:

-Minor training with sword and bow from his father.

-Familiarity with the saddle and caring for a horse.

-Nobility education.




A tall lithe youth, broad shouldered, with tousled sandy-blonde hair cut short with bangs, clean-shaven with focused blue eyes amidst a handsome chiseled face, with fair skin like most Andorans. He speaks with a calm, melodic voice and carries himself with a confident grace. He is 6’1” and 170 lbs.



Kaelen is a very kind, calm, and gallant youth at first glance. Slow to anger and very friendly, he gets along well with most good folk he meets. He always holds to his word and has a strong sense of honor, justice, and compassion. Empathizing with the weak and the powerless, he feels duty pound to help and protect those he finds in need, especially women and children. Behind the friendly handsome façade, though, he is a very cautious, having been wronged and burned before. He tries to see the best in people, and while willing to give everyone a fair chance to earn his trust and friendship, he keeps them at arm’s length until they prove themselves trustworthy and safe to let them in. He appreciates the finer things in life; books, music and art, good wine, a pretty girl on his knee, since they are luxuries he seldom has had the freedom and coin to enjoy.



Born the illegitimate son of Lord Vaerin Daltara head of the minor Andoran House Daltara, Kaelen was taken into the family when his mother, Mayren, a commoner, died in childbirth. Raised as a noble’s son, Kaelen was fortunate to have a well-rounded education, learning his letters, arithmetic, and everything a minor noble would need to flourish. He spent a lot of time with his father on hunting trips and in the training yard learning how to use the sword, bow, and other martial skills, for which he had a natural talent, and was always trying to improve to impress his father. Lord Vaerin intended to bequeath a small estate to Kaelen when he reached his majority, and was grooming him for success. Kaelen was even courting a young lady, Tiana, who was eager to become a handsome young noble’s wife.


Kaelen’s older brother, Jaris, was jealous of what he saw as his father’s preference for the bastard son, and it was true that Lord Vaerin was prouder of Kaelen than his other son, who was not at all a credit to his sire. Jaris was selfish and cruel, and was always putting Kaelen down and tormented him as a boy. Upon their father’s death just before Kaelen turned eighteen, Jaris went against his father’s wishes and disinherited Kaelen, with the help of a corrupt clerk. He even snatched up Tiana as his own when she heard that Kaelen was being cast out of the family with only a sword, bow, a small purse of coins and what he could carry with him. Her betrayal hurt the worst of all. Losing everything he’d ever known made the boy forever after guarded and jaded, determined not to let anyone in where they could hurt him like that again, not unless they proved themselves first.


Then on his own, he was determined to make the best of his circumstances and find a way to make it on his own. Perhaps he’d go to Caemlyn and join the Queen’s Guard, but first, he wanted to travel and see the world. Hiring himself out as a merchant’s guard, he first travelled to Murandy, then continued on to Illian, where he then took work on a ship, sailing up the Manetherendrelle as far as Baerlon. There he joined a merchant train as a guard again heading east, planning to visit Cairhien next. On these travels, he had the freedom to explore many new towns and cities when the merchant trains or the ship stopped to resupply and sell their wares, and bounce many a serving girl on his knee, trying to forget the sting of losing Tiana. Nothing more dangerous than a thief or pickpocket would test his skill with the sword. No bandits attacked the trains he worked, and he was almost disappointed that he didn’t have a chance to show his talents in a real fight. That brash arrogance of youth would not remain with him for long.


That dream to see the world lasted all of four months, before Kaelen found himself laid out, near death. On the journey from Baerlon to Cairhien, in a town near Four Kings, Kaelen had the misfortune to run into a Darkfriend one night while it was on its business… whatever that may have been. The lad was cut down before he had even drawn his sword, and left bleeding in an alley with a wicked slash across his chest. The poison blade’s wound quickly brought on a fever, and by the time he was found, the local Wisdom could do nothing for him but ease his passing.


That would have been the end for Kaelen, but fortune smiled on him that day. A passing Aes Sedai heard of the injured boy, and deigned to Heal him of his wound before continuing on her journey. Perhaps it was coincidence that she came to the village on the heels of a Myrddraal, perhaps not. Kaelen’s only memory of that day was a vision of her face through his fever dream, so beautiful. When he awoke days later, he would hear of how an Aes Sedai had brought him back from the edge of death, but the villagers could not tell him her name, as she hadn’t given one.


Once Kaelen was strong enough to travel again, he set his feet toward Aringill and took passage on the first ship heading to Tar Valon. He was determined to find the Aes Sedai who had saved his life; find her, thank her, and repay her, somehow. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her face. He didn’t know her name or Ajah, but he would scour the Tower and the world if he had to, to find her. He hadn’t quite thought through how to go about finding her, and when the White Tower didn’t let him in to search, he went to the Warder Yard and signed his name on the rolls. What better way for a man to get close to Aes Sedai. The villagers hadn’t seen any Warder with the Aes Sedai who Healed him, so perhaps he’d see her around the yard scouting for one.

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As far as I'm aware, the cross checker doesn't assign your weapons score - I would imagine that would be assigned by Lor (U4ea).


I have an idea of what I would assign if you were in my group, but I don't want to step on Lor's toes and take that away.

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I don't know how much authority I have, just yet, or how those are done. I'll ping you back via email, Kaelen! Until then, feel free to stop by the OOC boards and introduce yourself, then get started on your advancement!

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