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[Album Review] BabyMetal by BabyMetal - Metal


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1. Babymetal Death - 9/10

2. Megitsune - 10/10

3. Gimme Chocolate - 9/10

4. IIne - 8/10

5. Akatsuki - 10/10

6. Doki Doki Morning - 8./10

7. Onedari Daisakusen - 7,5/10

8. Song 4 - 7/10

9. Uki Uki Midnight - 8/10

10. Catch Me if you can - 8/10

11. Rondo of Nightmare - 7,5/10

12. HeadBangya - 10/10

13. Ijime Dame Zettai - 9/10


The Album itself : 9,5/10


It is very hard to put Babymetal in an existing category of music... at least for me. The vocals are often in the JPoP range, with sometimes nice heavy metal screams. The tempo of most of the songs and the musical arrangment may resemble to Melodic Death Metal (even though Iine makes u go from JPoP to HipHop, from Metal to Techno). The lyrics are mostly in japanese, with every now and then some words of English.


This album is the Band's first opus. It was released in February 2014. From this album, 5 songs were released as singles : Doki Doki Mornining, Iine, HeadBangya, Ijime, Dame, Zettai and Megitsune. But you can find more songs on youtube.


I was first introduced to the Band with Gimme Chocolate. I was quite surprised i have to say... but then I got used to this very very special band. Each time i hear them, my mood improves a lot :tongue:



BabyMetal Death is mostly an intro song. The band hardly sings but it's surely an good icebreaker for their gigs.

Megitsune has more of a traditional feeling (they even use traditional instruments) and tells about Kitsune, a fox god often found in the lyrics of Japanese Metal Bands.

Gimme Chocolate is a very funny song, and would make anyone eat more chocolate (at least anyone who can enjoy the song). lol

Akatsuki is a song that one could find as the intro of an anime. It looks very typical.


I prefer the most metal ones so : 1- 2 - 3 -5 - 6 - 12 - 13. The others are nice but I cant fully appreciate them as my heart is sold to Metal.


While listening, consider this : the lead singer is 16, the other two 13 (i think).


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the most confusing song on the album would be this one:




i don't know how many genres they cramped into this one, but somehow, oddly, it all fits.... i had a :huh: feeling first time i listened to this one, but it grew on me :happy:


rating 9.5/10 is quite accurate :biggrin:


can't wait for the opportunity to see them live

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Yea baby metal is awesome. I heard them through a news article with gimmie chocolate and listened to some of their tracks. I am not much of a metal fan but some of these are funny.

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