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Approved WT Bio--CC'd by the CotL

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Basic Information

Your Handle: Hayl3y

Full names of WT characters you already own and their status: None, if I remember correctly.



Character Information

Name (first and last) of this character: Myrrhi Morrigen

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: Traditional

Age of this character (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 16

Name of country where this character is from: Andor - Caemlyn



Hair: Light brown. She used to have long curly hair, but as a sign of rebellion against her mother she cut them. Some parts are longer now (in the back) and some are way shorter (in the front).

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Barely tanned.

Height: 1m70

Voice: Quite low, but gets higher when she gets angry.

Other: Before starting her journey to Tar Valon, she had no real physical activity and was kept on eating too much by her mother who was grooming her for an advantageous wedding. She has a scar on her right arm, going from the wrist to the elbow.



Special Skills: She's very good at drawing, and was educated by her mother on « very useful » household skills : cooking, sewing, making gentle conversation.

Knowledge Weakness: She can write and read but it's about it. She knows nothing about history. The few books she owned where romantic novels.

Physical Weakness: She has no physical strength, nor endurance for hard physical tasks.

Personality weakness: Tends to be quite naïve, as she doesn’t know much of the world. She can get angry very fast when things don’t happen the way she planned them. Also, she would do (almost) anything to stay away from Camelyn.



Myrrhi spent the first part of her life taking care of her siblings, the family house and the family shop. She used to be a very caring person, quite serious, who would have put her family needs in front of her own. She didn’t have many contacts with people outside of her family : the only people she met were her mother’s friends or the shop keepers close to her place. Being quite introvert and lacking social skills, she never got friends of her age. But, she didn’t really miss having people to have fun with, because she barely had time for fun.

After a while though, she slowly changed, maybe because of the few novels she had read. The life she had didn’t satisfy her anymore. Her siblings were still very important to her but she wanted to see some other landscapes, and do something else than cleaning, cooking, etc. Her mood got more and more sour, and it didn’t take much to get her angry or irritated. The more angry she would become, the more time she’d spend alone in her bedroom.




Myrrhi’s mother used to be a very beautiful woman. After the death of Myrrhi’s father, and thanks to the inheritance she received for herself and her daughter, she decided to make herself a name … at least, as the richest shop owner of Camelyn. It didn’t work as well as planned, but she still managed to open a little boutique where she sold hats and other accessories. It is her perfect manners and pretty face who allowed her, as a young widow, to become the mistress of a minor but rich member of Camelyn nobility. The man, very happy to have a distraction, offered her tons of presents, wonderful clothes and delicious dishes. During the few years it lasted, Myrrhi’s mother felt like a princess. But it only lasted a time as she got pregnant and the nobleman didn’t want to be associated with the child. Myrrhi’s mother was devasted at first but saw, after reflexion, a nice way to live comfortably. One after the other, she seduced men she thought important (the Innkeeper of the Inn nearby, the Baker, a Sergeant of the Queen’s Guard, …) and lived from their gifts and on the money they’d give her to take care of herself and her children.

Myrrhi didn’t understand the situation, at first, and was always curious to discover who her mother’s new “friend” would be. She also enjoyed the fact that she was the eldest in a big family of seven children. Seeing her mother was often “busy” with her gentlemen friends, the young girl spent most of her time taking care of her sisters and of the little house they lived in. She soon learnt to cook, to sew, to take care of babies, etc. She didn’t spend much time out of the house. If she did, it was to take care of the family shop or for a chore.

After a while, Myrrhi understood better her mother’s situation and try to show her that there were other ways to live. Maybe less comfortably but more honorably. It never worked although she tried every convincing argument she could think of. Even though this led to a lot of fights with her mother, still, Myrrhi went on with her duties to her sisters, the house and the shop. Her mood got more and more somber though.

Unfortunately, age and time brought their effects on Myrrhi’s mother and she found it harder to meet and entertain as many men as before. She decided then to rely on her daughters, thinking that if she could find rich men to marry them to, she would be able to get a fortune for herself. Myrrhi was turning 16 when her mother decided to parade with her in the nearby inns and taverns and to look for a future and very rich husband for her.

It only took Myrrhi a couple of weeks to finally decide that she didn’t want to cope with her mother’s schemes anymore. After another fight about the freedom she wanted, Myrrhi threatened to harm herself, wouldn’t she be left alone. Her mother didn’t believe her at first but she had to change her mind when Myrrhi showed her that she was ready to do anything necessary. Indeed, enraged, she had cut fistful of her hair and thrown them into the fire then had started to cut her arm deeply with a kitchen knife. Myrrhi’sinjuries andmost of all her horrible haircut horrified her mother (how could she now negotiate a wedding if her daughter was looking like an injured mangy dog?) who went to cry her misfortune nights after nights in her favorite tavern. There, the owner talked to her about Aes Sedai and how hard the life as a novice was supposed to be. He also talked to her about a Brown Sister who had rent him a room for a whole week in his tavern. Maybe she could be of assistance to punish this ungrateful daughter?

Agreeing to the idea that spending some time in the White Tower would soothe her daughter, Myrrhi’s mother did everything in her power to meet the Aes Sedai. Amused by the situation, the Brown Sister accompanied Myrrhi’s mother to her little house and discussed with Myrrhi. Appalled by the ignorance of the girl who, even if she was quite smart when cooking and the use of herbs were concerned, didn’t know a thing about science, history nor legends, the Aes Sedai decided to do something to save the teenager from the clutches of her mother.

It happened to be quite easy : she tested Myrrhi with her jewel to see whether or not she had the ability to channel and gathered positive results.

Very happy to have found a novice candidate, she didn’t wait long to ask Myrrhi to prepare a bag with her most precious belongings and to tell her mother that her girl was needed in Tar Valon.


Please note that english is not this persons first language.

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Oh geez, Chae's here! We're in trouble now. :wink:  Welcome to the PSW lol. *hugs*

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Lol, you don't need to. Ellisha sure as hell didn't. Just shout out if you need her help, and I'll play her in retro.

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