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Mashiara Sedai

Social Group Challenges

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Level 3:  Social Group Challenges:

After—or during—your completion of the Wagon Challenges, you can also take part in the Social Group Challenges. These will tend to focus on helping the SG grow, or helping out fellow members. You can complete three SG Challenge a month and have it count towards your Rank (you can complete more, but any others will not count towards your Rank).

After a Challenge is complete, post in your thread on the Campfire Board with a link to the activity. If you don't post it, we can't count it.

To add a little bit of Tinker flair, we have decided to have one of the SG Challenges be learning a dance. The Tuatha'an are well known for their graceful dancing. So, for the Challenge, we will determine a dance for the month. If you decide to complete this Challenge, you must learn the steps, then record yourself dancing them. The dance must then be posted onto the main Tinker Board. The dance will change monthly—or as we see fit.

Social Group Challenges:

1. Recruit a new member (and have them say so when they sign up)
2. Participate in or lead a SG Project (like the mystery craft game, etc.)
3. Review a song and post it on the main Tinker Board
4. Learn the month's dance and post a video of you dancing it on the main Tinker Board


More details for Challenges 3 and 4:

Song reviews

"I will find the song, or another will find the song, but the song will be sung this year or in a year to come. As it once was, so shall it be again, world without end."

Help us find the Lost Song by listening to music and telling us about it.

When you will find a song that moves you and that you deem worthy of sharing, write for us a review. The review must contain a certain number of elements to be considered complete:


1. The title of the song

2. The video of the song (if it exists)

3. The lyrics

4. The name of the performer(s) and of the author(s), if possible

5. The album where the song can be found

6. What the song means for the author

7. What the song means for you and you opinion about it.


Here is a link to a complete review : http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/88884-song-review-bat-country/


Dance Challenge

"The camp played fiddles and flutes, and a few people danced like rainbow-hued hummingbirds."

The Dance Challenge this month's is:


For any questions over these Challenges, post here, or PM Chaelca.

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