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A Forsaken playlist

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Sooo this happened in the "You know you might be a bit too much into WoT when..." thread;




601. ...When you then stay up till 3 AM compiling a playlist of songs that remind you of various WoT characters.


602. When you think that NeverTameExceptWhenTheMoNisLooking should post said playlist.



And since I have a bit of a perfectionist streak, I couldn't just post the random collection of songs of various genres for a miscellaneous collection of characters... Who listens to a playlist that mixes Marina and the Diamonds with Emperor? So I picked a group of characters that seemed the easiest to make a consistent, listenable playlist for -- the Forsaken. And the genre is "mostly metal" and I don't know how many here listen to metal but... anyway. Without further ado.


We Are Forsaken: a fanmix for the best and the brightest of a generation gone bad. [link]


Track list and some commentary under the spoiler tag.




1. A Shroud of False - Anathema; We are just a moment in time / a blink of an eye / a dream for the blind / visions from a dying brain / I hope you don’t understand…
Dedication: Elan Morin Tedronai (this kind of reminds me of Moridin's world view towards the end)


2. Forsaken - Within Temptation; We lived our lives / in our paradise / like gods we shaped the world around
Dedication: Forsaken in general (this song decided the genre focus for this one; I couldn't not pick this one...)


3. The Last Hour of Ancient Sunlight - Draconian; We took the blood of the earth / and fell in love with death / with life itself as an excuse
Dedication: Forsaken in general


4. Return of the Son of Nothing - Tiamat; Everything was like before / and the pharaohs killed the first born sons
Dedication: Ishamael/Moridin (more for the tone of the song than the lyrics tbh)


5. The Death of Hours - Draconian; So I became the exile, unable to love / smiling at Death and unite with my solitude / to finally turn the blooded page / I pray these tears will end soon / but you just left me lying here / I wasn’t ready for the world… / still, I was thrown in there
Dedication: Ishamael/Moridin


6. Ravenheart - Xandria; Of love and hate the singers tell / but I feel more of both / more than heaven and hell
Dedication: Lanfear (our resident psycho stalker)


7. Time to Bring the Pain - Krypteria; Time to teach you ‘bout the feeling when your heart’s being ripped out
Dedication: Semirhage (again, I couldn't not pick this one when I saw the title)


8. Monolith - Ihsahn; If my soaring presence threatens to break your neck / then so be it / you shall dread my name!
Dedication: Demandred


9. Wrath of a Warchild - Altaria; Then came the drums of thunder / with pain and despair / and after it all was over / something remained / The name of the game is War
Dedication: Sammael (this could have been either Sammael or Demandred but since Demandred already had a song when I remembered this, Sammael got this one)


10. Sunburn - Muse; She burns like the sun / and I can’t look away
Dedication: Graendal (maybe more of a Lanfear song but I couldn't find anything more fitting within the genre for Graendal)


11. Vicarious - Tool; I need to watch things die / from a good safe distance
Dedication: Moghedien


12. Fools of Damnation - Epica; Kneel for me, unknowing fool / bow to the supremacy / kneel for me, unworthy pig / die for the divinity
Dedication: Mesaana (...this could have been Graendal's, but Mesaana was even more difficult to find a remotely fitting song for)


13. Master Passion Greed - Nightwish; Seek her / seduce her / tame her / have her / blame her / kill her / feast on it all!
Dedication: Rahvin


14. World Pretending - Paradise Lost; And now it’s so absurd what you’re saying to me now / your world’s pretending
Dedication: Asmodean (the whole album Believe in Nothing is so Asmodean it’s not even funny)


15. And My Fury Stands Ready - My Dying Bride; And my fury stands ready / I bring all your plans to naught / my bleak heart beats ready / ‘tis you whom I have sought
Dedication: Be’lal (this could be half the Forsaken really but again Be’lal was hellishly difficult to find a specific song for…)


16. Alchemist - Ihsahn; Again I find myself in this narrow chamber / and my kettle simmers with the same old brew / now turning sour / there must be more to this than chemistry / as my soul burns with fever
Dedication: Aginor (…yes, more than chemistry; it’s called the True Power)


17. I Cannot Be Loved - My Dying Bride; Lover, put a knife in my hand / lie down right there, that’s my command / do as I say in this bloodplay / claw at my skin / I’ll let you win
Dedication: Balthamel (who turned into a sadist, oops)


18. Sunset of Age - Anathema; As one forever searching / for landscapes serene / amidst the sunset of age / with joyous masquerade / the summers died
Dedication: the “sunset” of the Age of Legends



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Aarrghh I got up to get my earphones so I could listen to this and then OOH SHINY. Got back here, settled in with blanket and laptop on lap and ... aargh.


Anyhoo, will try that whole thing again tomorrow, but just wanted to say I absolutely love what you did there! And when I read "Time to teach you ‘bout the feeling when your heart’s being ripped out" I immediately though "Semi"! lol

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