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It's Chocolate Week Time...

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Chocolate Week

(I'm a tad excited)



Hello one and all!


I, on behalf of my bootylicious, beautiful, bodacious Browns, extend an invitation to all occupants of the Tower to head over to the Brown boards for our legendary Chocolate Week.


Chocolate Week is one of our favourite events because we get to spoil all our favourite people with chocolate deliciousness.


The threads running for this years eggtravaganza aaaare (yes, an egg pun...it's practically Easter, leave me alone)


Chocolate Hangmana well known favourite

Signature ContestShow off your fabulous siggy making skills 

Favourite Chocolate RecipesWARNING don't visit here when hungry!

Chocolate DeliveriesShow how much people mean to you in the Tower by sending them some chocolate delights

Chocolate Solves EverythingUse your thinking box for this one!  


All threads are now up and everything is looking fun and delicious. (Like us Browns  :biggrin:)



Have some Rocky Road



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