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March Stats (2014)


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Black Ajah: 554


Alaksuliel: 20

Basel: 162

Barm: 41

Cindy: 110

Eleavia: 15

Haxorsist: 25

Moon: 115

Nicana: 15

Panchi: 51




Dreadlords: 491


Chaelca: 94

Darthe: 75

Davrick: 47

Hallia: 173

Kathleen: 5

RTE: 87

Thorkin: 5




Shadowspawn: 507


Leelou: 101

Luci: 67

Nynaeve: 135

Reyoru: 80

Tina: 20

Verbal: 22

WBK: 7

Wombat: 75




Dark One/FULs: 261


Lily: 17


Carwyn: 72

Deep.Rest: 76

Jack: 37

Harry Potter: 35

Krak: 5

Mirdraal: 5

NeverTame: 14

Neeto: 5




Non SG Members:


BFG: 38

Pralaya: 12
Andrej: 7

Nolder: 28



Congratulations to the Black Ajah and to Hallia!!

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*Gratsstabs* Somebody beat the Black Ajah. They're winning almost all the time. I'll give 25 points to each active member of the winning faction if it's not the BA this month. 


Didn't the SS win the last two months? >.>

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