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[Advanced] Once Upon A Time Mafia Sign-Ups


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In the town of Storybrook, you'll find people who have come from the Enchanted Forest due to the Evil Queen's curse. There's been a long wait for the savior to come free them from the Evil Queen, and the arrival of Emma Swan has thrown plots and events in motion. People are going missing and the foundations of Storybrook itself seem to be crumbling, Emma with the help of her son Henry and the good town members of Storybrook must find a way to save both the town and the people in the town. However, the Evil Queen has a few tricks up her sleeve and some villains to help.





1. This is a hammer game.... a lynch will be made when a majority is reached in voting and I am around to end the day... No votes or unvotes after a hammer is made will be considered. Self-votes are allowed. Voting for no lynch is not allowed...


2. Day phases will be 3 days .... Night will be 1.


3. If you need to be replaced or are going to be gone for a short time... please PM me.


4. NO editing of posts!!!


5. If a hammer is not reached by the deadline, a random player will be lynched with no coroner report...


6. No communication with anyone outside of this game thread will be allowed unless I have given you a QT... if you have to use any other method for communication, make sure I can see it.


7. You may not quote or print screen your role PM or any part of your role PM in the game thread.... paraphrasing is allowed... lying is allowed. 


8. Once you die, you are allowed one post along the lines of "Bah, I'm dead, go (whatever side you were on)." ... You may not include any game information in this post, and you may not post again on the thread afterward until the game is fully completed or I put you back in as a replacement.


9. Please submit any night actions in your role PM unless you have a QT... you may submit them either way in that case.


10. Do not make things personal. this is a game and treat it as such, if you feel that someone is taking things personal or too far, take it up with me... If I think either of these is happening I will intervene regardless. Please keep in mind that anything said on thread should be considered a part of gameplay.


11. Votes and unvotes must be bold and colored red. If you want to change your vote, previous votes must be unvoted first. If you are on mobile and would like to do this, the code (with no spaces) is: 


vote [/ b]



12. Character/role reveals and/or hints are allowed... however, I don't want a mass reveal.


13. If you have any questions, PM me. Have fun!



I need 17 people for my game!!!


1. dawnflower8

2. Nikon

3. dicetosser1

4. Chae

5. Tina

6. Thane

7. RTE

8. TGlems

9. Ice

10. AJ

11. Basel

12. ed

13. Hallia

14. Talmanes

15. BFG

16. Tsukibana


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I did enjoy the show but mafia takes a lot of time and going back to see what people posted and how they seem mafia/town then arguing your point to get everyone else to see it... But I would have a chance to be Rumple (Doubt I'd get who I want though) which could be fun... Choices, choices...

*Sighs** Sure, put me down.

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You should put an ad for it in the mafia forum.

Yeah, this. It would be a great idea. Although if I were not being dominated by real life right now, I would be the one in signups, not Time. But Time is an awesome mod and her games are well worth joining.

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