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And out of nowhere....

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Paint party. Throws a tin of orange paint at the ceiling fan and watchEs as it splashes everyone.


Weeee i have style. Its just to styleish for you :p

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**pants My Little Pony on Dice's back** :D

If you are panting after me should i expect a Banding request?? :laugh::laugh:



oh and 12th i LOVE the avi! Wedge FTW!!!

Oh, I can't send you a Banding request yet, Sugar Britches. First, you must pass a series of tasks that will amuse me but absolutely humiliate you.

And after that, you have to pass a series of tests administered by my other two Bandeds and believe me, my Duckling might look all cute and cuddly

and such, but he can be pretty ruthless with the testing. :laugh:

Ah well then we know that will never happen. *winks*. Dice would never put himself through that. Dav... Very surprised that you did. *laughs*

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