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Nominations for upcoming Green and Blue event Festival of Fools


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Hello everyone! It's time again for the frivolously foolish Festival of Fools!

Each year, the hierarchy is turned on it's head, Novices and Algai can become Aes Sedai and Warders and vis versa!


Here is where you nominate members to be our Official Fools!



PM me with your choices for:

  1. Amyrlin of Fools

  2. Keeper of Fools

  3. Sword Captain of Fools

  4. Master at Arms of Fools



Feel free to chat, brainstorm and cause general mayhem in this thread just don't forget to PM me with your choices! Deadline is April 1st! The Official Fools will be contacted via PM and given their special instructions.

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*runs through the thread in a jester-costume, throwing confetti everywhere* It's time for foolish fun! Bring out your masks and your pranks, tip down those haughty Aes Sedai from their pedestals, and be the most foolish of them all!


The Blues and Greens can't wait to see what you all come up with!


*puts a nice hat on Brandie....




and disappears in a cloud of confetti*




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"We're men....we're men in tights...we roam around the Tower looking for fights!"  **cackles wildly** Sorry, That's the first thing that came to mind, Dar. ;)



You could make them do everything in song, and they must break into random choreographed dances. :p

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And here I was just thinking how many favors I'd get from Elgee after FoF was over, after she'd enjoyed watching the male warders go around in tights, work out in tights, do sword practice in tights . . . 


But that's an idea, too, Tonna!  


Oh, well . . .alas, I had already sent in my nominations!

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