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JRDN - Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA


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My girlfriend and I went to this place recently to celebrate our (un)official anniversary. The place is very lovely although the area it is located in (Pacific Beach/PB) is more known as a college area. Parking is sort of scarce although they do offer a valet service that is free so long as you get your ticket validated. Inside there are several large seating areas and a very modern looking bar that is fully stocked and offers a ton of space to either take a seat or stand.


We were seated outside on the back patio underneath a heating lamp as the sun went down. From where we were sitting we could see directly to the beach for sunset, it was really awesome.


The wine list is huge and comes from all over the world. They literally have a page dedicated to every sort of wine. Pinots, Blancs, Merlots, Chardonnays, etc. I settled on a nice Californian Cabernet since I was planning on having steak :smile: They offer drinks by the glass or half/full bottle service. My girlfriend got herself a Chardonnay that was delicious and went very well with the scallops she chose for dinner.


My steak was delicious. 9oz ribeye served up medium-rare with the 'Chef's Thunder' which added bleu cheese crumbles and sauteed mushrooms into the mix. For sides I had grilled asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. I have zero complaints on the dish. Except maybe I wish I had more :tongue:


For dessert we split a large bowl of buttermilk ice cream that came with little sugar-dusted wafers/cookies crumbled over the top.


Overall the experience was very nice and the staff there was very helpful and informative when it came to selecting wines (taste matching) and our entrees. The decor is simple but modern and the food was absolutely delicious. They also have a wide selection of meats as well as vegan/gluten-free options. The bill at the end was a bit steep, however. This restaurant is fairly popular so I would advise trying to make a reservation, especially on weekends.


Overall Experience: 4/5 stars

Food/Drink selection: 4/5 stars

Prices: $$$/5


For more information, visit the JRDN online review page .



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*is curious*


what was served with the scallops ?


... aaaand what is buttermilk ice cream ? *pictures icy butter and scared* :tongue:


The scallops were served with a pasta and white sauce, I thought it was pretty tasty from the little bite I took :biggrin:


Buttermilk... umm, maybe butterscotch? It's looks like vanilla ice cream (sorta) but has more of a smooth, buttery taste. It's really good.

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