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Why did I leave home? (Homesickness RP)


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Pankhuri rolled over in her bed. She cracked open an eye to see if there was still some time to sleep. The sky wasn't dark any more but maybe, just maybe she could get few more minutes of sleep. The bell rand signalling a new day. Well, she thought, I should know better than to think that I could get as much sleep as I want. Light knows how much she had come to hate the White Tower in the week she had been here. Why did she ever wish to become a novice? Life was so different here from the life back at her home in her village. She could at least get some sleep. Strange how she had never thought so much of sleep before coming to White Tower. Now sleep sounded better than any dessert, so delicious was sleep, so sweet, so tempting...shaking her head, she got up from her bed. She then walked to the basin and splashed some cold water on her face to drive away the thoughts of sleep. She took one of the novice dresses hanging on the pegs in the corner of the room and managed to get herself to wear them. Her eyes kept glancing at the bed wishing for some more sleep. This day might not be so bad. This day might not be so bad. This day might not be so bad, she kept chanting. Thoughts of her home kept making their way into her head, thoughts of the small things, of big things, of people, of places and try as she might, she wasn't able to banish them. With an immense effort of will, she pushed back the thoughts of her home and got ready to leave her room.

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