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The warder 's bond and aging

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Interview: Apr 7th, 2001 Question
Do Warders have a regular lifespan?
Robert Jordan
Yes they do. They hang on to what you would call 'vitality' longer than the average man, but they live a normal lifespan. They do get things out of the bond, but not a longer life.


Interview: Dec 19th, 2005   Robert Jordan

For David, Warders don't slow. They age at a natural pace, but they do maintain vitality and vigor beyond the levels associated with most ordinary men. That said, I recently saw a photograph of a man in his seventies who had an absolutely ripped six-pack. In fact, from the neck down, if you were told you were looking at somebody in his 20s or 30s, you'd just think he was in incredible shape. And he wasn't bonded to anyone. Also, Aes Sedai can release a Warder from the bond. In fact, I have said that most Aes Sedai who have time to realize that they are dying will release any Warders they have in order to spare them the effects. I'm pretty certain I have said that publicly, by the way.



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What happens to an aie sidai that lives 100 years in and the warder dies of old age? I get the warder will be a badass as long as he lives but if he grows old what happens?

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well I was thinking that if a warder just gets older and dies due to being 90, does a natural death not cause the devastating effects of a warder death?

Yes. And according to RJ it would be frowned upon for an AS to release her Warder to avoid that.

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