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Scouting a scout scout scout....or some such.


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Arya brushed over the back of the horse a final time, then swept the back of her hand over her forehead to whipe of sweat. She pated the horse on the rump before taking the lead rope and lead it into the fence where she let it loose.


She washed her hands in the throw to get the greasy dust mingled with horsesweat off her hands, then stroke a loose strand of hair behind her ear.


She gathered up the straw and tossed it over in the heap of dung. Then brushed dust of her pants and carried the sadle and bridle into the stall.


She smiled and looked around on the stable, it smelled of fresh sawdust, all looked good and she was done for the morning, she would have the rest of the day free, and knew exactly how to spend it.


She wandered through the town, refiling her waterbotle at a waterpump and then her feets tread her the path towards the section where the black tower embacy held house.


Soon Arya lay in the bush looking at her Fathers office, she had descided that she would learn to be a scount, and as such would need practise in sneaking around. All in all that had lead down the road of her geting the idea of spying on her father for practise.


Though so far it had been a litle uneventfull staring at the building with his office in and watching others come and go as she made scribles in her litle notebook. She had catched a glimpt of Dashiva through the window once but otherwise not seen much of him.


Then finaly the door went up and her father came walking out togheter with another man, she smiled eagerly to herself, finaly some action.


As they started walking down the streets she followed at a distance, hiding behind barrels and staircases. Lurking along the walls of the houses where there where shadow to hide in.

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Dashiva leaned back in his chair and thought about putting his boots on his desk. For some reason, everything needed to be looked at today, and he was getting tired.


One fool had taken his mount off to do some riding, and somehow managed to get his horse killed when it stumbled over a rock. Another wanted to requisition more ale and wines for the bars the embassy frequented, to which he'd given the man a tongue lashing. What was HE supposed to do about the bars, he had no idea but obviously the Dedicated thought that Dash's position at the Tower cooking meals applied here with the Band.


After a few minutes more of deciding, he leaned further back and had just put his boots on his desk, before an Asha'man walked through his doorway just as he was about to sigh in relief.


Closing his eyes and scrubbing his face with both hands, he brought his boots down and stood. "Yes?" he asked trying to be polite. "Storm Leader," the Asha'man nodded and touched fist to heart which Dashiva returned. "There's a small disturbance at one of the bars, this time it was a few Blackarms involved.


Sighing, Dashiva nodded and walked to a small cabinet. Pouring himself a few fingers of whiskey, he knocked it back quickly and gestured to the door. "Lead on please," he growled.


Walking out of his office door, he closed and sealed it with a quick weave before walking down the steps after the Asha'man. Before he'd gone fifteen paces, he knew someone was following him, and was trying hard to be unseen.


Turning around, he got a faint glimpse of movement next to a building and seized saidin just long enough to see a flash of familiar hair before it ducked behind the edge of the barracks for some soldiers.


Shaking his head, he released saidin and nodded at the Asha'man. "Continue please," he said, and the Asha'man gave one last glance down the street before continuing.


Rubbing his face with one hand, he silently cursed over all the work of today, before walking normally once more.

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The coat of the other told her he was one of those men who could channel, just like the dragon reborn. It had been partly scaring thougth but her curiosity also found herself mostly excited about who her father was, the most scaring part beeing her loosing him to madness, and not really the effects of him going mad.


No she knew she dreaded loosing Dashiva now that she finaly found him, and there was so much more to learn about him. Sudenly he turned and she dived down behind the edge of the barracks. She waited till she heard them walking again, then slowly looked up and waited as long she could without risking loosing sigth of them before following.


Obviously to her mind she had goten to close. A few scriblings in her bad handwriting on her book inbetween the sneaking was made to remind her of things she observed, though it was by far easier making sketches then writing.


Then they arived outside one of the bars and the men went inside. Arya setled herself against a wall behind a barrel where she could watch the place undisturbed while making her litle notes and drawings on her book.


After a while with nothing happening she started considering moving closer maybe even go to look in through the window. The thing was there was an open place she had to cross first and that would make her vaunerable for beeing spoted.


After fuzzing a litle back and forth she was just about to get up when the door opened and a man came out. Not her father or the other who had acompanied him, yet she eased back to her spot, it wouldnt do to be in the midle of the place when her father came out again, she would have to wait.


The sun was warm and she felt thirsty so she went for her waterbottle, taking a deep sip then closing her eyes for a moment leting the sunbeams that found her in her covering play over her face with their warmth. Slowly she unoticed by herself drifted into a small slumber. Untill sudenly something blocked the sun and she opened her eyes looking up on yet another of those black coted men, this one obviously had seen her and by his expresion it didnt take her much sence to guess he was wondering what she was doing here. Some of them by her judgement was far to suspicous, she never seen this one before thoug and most if not exactly knew somewhat she bellonged around camp by now.


"Get up.." She put on her best smile, "I was but waiting for someone and it grew a litle hot in the sun so i figured i would take some rest from it" that in her mind sounded like a plausible explanation why she sat behind a barrel in the shade. Or at least she had thougth so but she saw he was not convinced and was looking on her notebook, reaching for it only she was faster and put it behind her back. It was her journal, she could see by his face he didnt like that, and her mind was working hard on how to get out of the situation.

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