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For those days when you just don't feel like talking ... especially if you are a cat

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*meows and purrrrrs*


oh thank you kindly for the lovely housewarming pressie :happy:


I am actually at work taking care of many silly details of moving and even doing some work lol.


I'll have to be a good kitty at the new office for a while so I think my daytime posting days might be coming to a hiatus of unusual size...


but we shall see :smile:


and welcome back!

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one time an admin asst here showed me the access they have to workstation activity on the network - she could see passwords being typed in, without the asterisks blocking the letters. and Albany gets a daily report of the urls we visit. now... mostly they don't care to get into it and ppl kind of compute as they wish but I'm not taking a chance on it :). ugh and since DM let Facebook and Twitter connect it would prolly be blocked at work anyway.


I DM on my iPad on 3G and that's the only safe way but the iPad is big and obvious. and I want to be a good good good kitty and please my government overlords cause this move is very important to me. like srsly. *thanks god one more time for the most excellent fortune*


tho.... an iPhone might be in my future...



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