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[Album Review] My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men - Alternative (RR Task)


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Of Monsters and Men - My Head is An Animal - Alternative



1. Dirty Paws - 10/10

2. King and Lionheart - 9/10

3. Mountain Sound - 10/10

4. Slow and Steady - 10/10

5. From Finner - 9/10

6. Little Talks - 10/10

7. 6 Weeks - 5/10

8. Love Love Love - 10/10

9. Your Bones - 10/10 (Also my favorite song on here)

10. Sloom - 8/10

11. Lakehouse - 7/10

12. Yellow Light - 10/10

13. Numb Bears - 8.5/10


Album rating - 9/10 


Of Monsters and Men is an Icelandic alternative folk band. They are definitely my favorite band since their music and singing voices sound so unique. I can't think of any other bands that have music that sounds similar to theirs. Now let's get on to the songs.


Dirty Paws is one of my favorite songs on this album, even though the lyrics are really weird (they are about some animals fighting in the forest, strange thing to write a song about) but I think the lyrics are one of the reasons why I like it. Your Bones also has really strange lyrics, and that is my other favorite song on the album. I do like the lyrics in Your Bones more, though.


Yellow Light and Love Love Love were 2 songs I originally did not like as much the first time I heard them, but now I think they are really good. I think that overall out of all the songs on the album, the singers' voices sound the best in Love Love Love. Yellow Light is another one I like for the lyrics, and just the whole mood of the song, it's the most dark and creepy song on here.


Even though Little Talks and Mountain Sound are extremely overplayed, I still don't get bored of listening to them. Both are very catchy, and Little Talks is the song that introduced me to Of Monsters and Men. 


Slow and Steady, unlike it's name, is not actually as slow and boring as you'd think by the name of it, it's more medium-speed. The singers' voices sound really great in this one, also, and the song is overall really pretty.


King and Lionheart and From Finner both have okay parts of the song and extremely good parts of the song (which mostly outweigh the more boring parts)


Numb Bears is also very catchy and very different from their other songs, but it is extremely short. I wish it could be longer. 


Sloom and Lakehouse are both pretty good, but neither are very memorable. There's nothing in them that makes them really stand out from any of the other songs. I also cannot understand a lot of what the lyrics say in Lakehouse.


The only song I didn't really like on this album was Six Weeks. It was still an okay song, but the others were so much better. It's really slow, not very catchy, and also the longest song on the album.


So, overall, it's a really great album.


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I have never heard of this band. I have to say that seeing the picture on the album, i would not have though about this band being a alternative folk band.


Have they video online ? If so, what would be your favorite ?

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