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Best Main - Minor character relationship

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Right now lets compile a list of main - minor characters.


I just decided to make this topic because someone reminded me of the Sulin - Rand relationship and how extraordinary it was simply since she was one of the few who truly respected Rand in public and in private put him in his place. Her reaction to when he was captured was phenomenal. I won't quote it because I am about to go read it again.

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Rand and Bashere. I loved the everliving Light out of their relationship. Bashere is so down to earth about the whole Dragon Reborn thing, he's not over-awed or afraid to call Rand out on his bs (or knock him off his horse) when the situation requires. And Rand respects him for it.

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There could be a fine line between "main" characters and "minor" characters in almost any fiction.  That line could be different for different readers.

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