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Why all the hate on the newer parts ?

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Perhaps you could expand a bit on why you think he struggled with large scale battles and how his approach would have led to major problems. RJ was a veteran as well as being a military historian and this clearly showed in the writing. Additionally his excellent use of ellipsis would have come in very handy with something on the scale of the LB. It could have been employed in a similar fashion to the Damona campaign. Jordan's skill at implying or referencing events as opposed to having to show/explicitly spell out everything is precisely what would have been needed.


As noted earlier the numerous mistakes(just one of these mistakes, the missing channelers, fundamentally changed the nature of the LB) and absurd strategies along with the tedious battle porn detracted greatly from what the LB could have been.

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I. Look around! Every "your fav book/best book in the series"-thread looks like this:


The first six books are in the first six positions.


Usually: The Fires of Heaven (- The Shadow Rising) is number 1 (- 2).



II. The whole first half (Eye Of The World - Lord Of Chaos) feels like a complete story. After Lord Of Chaos there are many unnecessary characters, plotline, and when one closes a book like this: uh, nothing happened (it could have been told in 150 pages instead of 700-800 pages) , well, that's not a good sign.


III.Sanderson's abilities are far below Jordan's. That's why people used to link this post all the time: http://www.readandfindout.com/wheeloftime/messageboard/167356/


(Plus there are the quality threads, the threads about the Last Battle - most posts are very negative.)


IV. Members of messageboards care about only the first six (-seven-eight-nine) books. I would say that 80-90% of the questions.



Last but not least: as far as I know, most of the fans constantly rereads (and many constantly rebuys!) the first books but I have never heard from anybody that "I will reread AMOL/TOM etc.". Anecdotal, I know but this is the truth.



One very last thing: there is no story which needs 12000-14000 pages.

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