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Who comes before us as a candidate for Accepted? (KassidyRose)

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The Novice KassidyRose DaiShan has completed her requirements to be Raised to Accepted and may post her Arches when ready.


Please hold the congratsing until the Arches have been posted

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Declaration of Self:   I am KassidyRose , I am engaged to Amarande, I had him join so we could go through the ranks together . In 2001 one of  my Sisters~In~Law finally got me to read the WoT series, I read up to book 5 and then put the books on hold til 2011 , I kept  thinking about the books  and the dice in Mat's head . I had to buy a lot of the books  again but , I finally read the whole series .I found DM through Google search when I was looking for images  and I joined a while ago but I didn't really look into the site until became a Novice . I'm really glad I signed up , I met a lot of nice people  and everyone  is nice here .




Declaration of Commitment:    I have enjoyed my time as a Novice  I believe I did make some friends along the  way .The projects I have done so far are run a few Signature contests  for  the Brown/White Ajahs and for the Red Ajah.  I had participated  in a few of the Greens', one was Welfare to Animals and the other was the New Year's Dance along with  learning about people's worst  vacations  with the Brown Ajah . I also played Hangman with the Grays . All of these  are my memorable experiences.



Declaration of Intent:    As an Accepted I plan on visiting  all the  Ajahs to find my home to Aspire to and become an  Aes Sedai . I plan on continuing to participate in the Ajahs and Disciplines to earn my way to become Aes Sedai .  I believe I have  considered  an Ajah . My future goal  is to continue  to have fun on the site and get to know  the Aes Sedai and Asha'man  and Gaidin  on the site and find my  home .



I am glad  for the  auto save because my Arches  got deleted .


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