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New roomies, icky. (ATTN Sandry, Ata, and MoN)


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Opal reflected on lunch, her new roommate wasn't so bad. She had made a good meal companion, she supposed. At least they hadn't picked at each other over the meal, if only the girl would see the truth about the Whitecloaks. Well that wasn't really up to Opal to point it out, she was sure these Women would set her strait. She stifled a wicked grin.


Catching the dinning room door that another novice let swing back at her.

"The classes aren't too bad really. They are mostly taught by these Women, a few are taught by accepted. The Accepted like to think they are almost Aes Sedia, but they aren't. They get treated the same as we do, like children." She told Sandry.


Opal smoothed back her hair tucking a stray strand behind her ear; it had come out of her long braid.

She should re-braid it before any one saw her; the Sisters made certain you were neat at all times.


"So what did you like to do at home?" She asked the other girl, making small talk.


She could see a sister approaching them out o the corner of her eye, not Good. She cast about for something to do so they looked busy, not that that would save them.



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Guest Sandrilene fa Toren

Lunch had been relatively pleasant. Opal seemed to be a nice enough girl, if a bit annoying due to her habit of constantly inputing her unwanted opinion all the time. It seemed though, despite their rough beginning she found herself enjoying the spunky girls company.


As she listened to Opals description of classes and life in the tower she couldn't help but feel self-concious. She began to fidget with her white dress cringing as her eyes fell on it--she hated dresses--she had worn them at home of course, but only when she had too. She felt out of place among all these people, who up until a few weeks ago, she had believed to be darkfriends. Now, she felt herself beginning to accept some of them as aquaintances, and maybe even someday as friends. Fidgeting again with her dress.


"So what did you like to do at home?" Sandry looked at Opal blankly as she registered the question the other girl asked her. "umm... sorry..." She shook her head to clear it.


Finally her brain and tongue caught up with each other, "I'm sorry, umm... I stuck mostly to chores, study's and practicing in the training yard with my brothers." She shrugged looking over at Opal, "nothing overly exciting. I like to read interesting books about the world. My father taught all of us about geography and history, whlie mother taught us our letters and numbers." She glanced at Opal again and noticed the other girl staring ahead with an odd expression on her face; Sandry frowned at her... "So, like I said nothing extrodinary... What are you bloody looking at?.." She trailed off as she saw the woman walking towards them. "Blood and ashes..."

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Cema opened the door to her rooms, accepted where somewhat bether then novices to teach cause they had a litle more sence, but only a litle by her mind.


"No..." her voice trailed off as she looked on the mess her room was, a strange cat looked at her for a moment then shot out the window and away. Her eyes scaned the room to find her own brawny male cat siting satisfied and licking his fur for blood in her favourite chair. It was obvious someone elses cat had goten in and a figth had ensued.


She droped her books on a side table, then walked over and looked the cat up and down, he looked to be okey. She placed him in his basket bellow the window and left her room, she had no time for this.


She left the green quarters in search of some intiates, it would make a good task for them. And there was always some who didnt have something usefull to do. She rounded a corner and just barely caugth the last of the conversation as the two novices she was aproaching became aware of her.


"That is no way to be speaking for girls of your stature, now come along, as it seems you got nothing to do then using language you should know bether then to use I got a task to put your mind on something else."


She turned and started back to her room, she walked fast, she had tasks to see to, as she opened her room door again and steped through she left it open to the girls. "As you see the room need a cleaning, there is a bucket, some rugs, and a broom behind the door. I'll be in the next room, dont dally and dont touch something you shouldnt, there is plenty things in here that can be harmfull in inexperinet hands." she looked at the basket it was empty, he had gone out.


She walked into the next room and setled behind her desk with her reports and her journal, the door was slightly ajar so she could hear them out there and look out at time to time so as to keep an eye on them.

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Guest Sandrilene fa Toren

"That is no way to be speaking for girls of your stature, now come along, as it seems you got nothing to do then using language you should know better than to use." Blushing slightly, while trying to keep her features smooth, Sandry nearly cursed herself again for the rotten streak of luck she was having. Her own mother would have her hide if she had heard such language from her mouth... Not to mention her father, he had little tolerance for such behavior from anyone, his children were to be an example to the rest of what it mean to walk in the Light.


Glancing at Opal, as they approached the Aes Sedai's rooms, she was sure she saw a look of annoyance on the other girls face, which made it clear she thought Sandry was to blame for this mess. Well it wasn't as if she had meant to attract the attention, and her curses had been mumbled. For that matter Opal might have given her a little warning.


Shaking her head slightly and avoiding Opal's gaze Sandry turned to look at the room and cringed... Light did these women have no discipline? "As you see the room need a cleaning, there is a bucket, some rugs, and a broom behind the door. I'll be in the next room, don't dally and don't touch something you shouldn't, there is plenty things in here that can be harmful in inexperinet hands."


As the Aes Sedai strode through to her study Sandry couldn't help but glance around for these mysteriously harmful things. She was just about to start on straightening the desk area when she caught sight of the look on Opal's face again and nearly chuckled. The girl really was upset... Sandry understood she should not have cursed in the hall like that, but really if Opal had given her a little warning all of this could have been avoided by a quick turn down a side hallway.

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