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The White/Brown Winter Olympic Carnival: Olympic Trivia Double Decathlon, Round 2!


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Welcome to the Olympic Trivia Double Decathlon, where you can test your knowledge of all things that are somehow related to the Olympics!
This is Round 2, which will last from now until 12:00 midnight Eastern on the evening of Thursday, January 30, or until all the questions have been correctly answered. This is the final round, so get your thinking cap on! All points earned in the first round carry over to this one.
Each of our categories features three questions. This round, we're doubling the points! Gold Medal questions are now worth 8 points each, Silver Medal questions are worth 6, and Bronze Medal questions are worth 4, so there's up to 144 points up for grabs this round!
To play, specify which question or questions you want to attempt an answer to (by category and medal colour) and what you think is/are the answer(s). In each post, you may attempt up to one Bronze, one Silver, and one Gold question (in one or multiple categories is up to you), after which you must wait for at least one other person to post before attempting more.
The first person to correctly answer each question gets the points; anyone who gets it wrong, though, will lose the point value of the question, just like on a certain popular quiz show. (If you get it right after someone else has, you're OK, but you don't get the points.) The scorecard will be running at the bottom of this post.
Good luck!



Gold - In the 6th century BC, what competition was introduced to the Olympian stadium as an event for female athletes?
Silver - In what century does history record the first Ancient Greek Olympics to have occurred?
Bronze - Wreaths made from what tree were given as prizes in the Ancient Olympics?
Gold - Who was the 19th century Greek journalist and author famously known for beginning the drive to revive the Olympic Games?
Silver - Although the "official" modern day Olympic Games did not begin until 1896, Greece had first started the ball rolling with Games in what year?
Bronze - In 1890, Baron Pierre de Coubertin took what crucial logistical step towards creating the Olympic Games we know now?
Gold - What sports event for disabled athletes is conducted soon after each Olympic Games in the same city?
Silver - What association under the patronage of the IOC organises the World Games every four years to feature sports that do not make it into the Olympic Games' roster?
Bronze - What teenage counterpart to the Olympic Games was introduced in 2010? Youth Olympic Games - Aidanna
Gold - From 1920 to 1988, what birds were released as a gesture of international peace after the lighting of the Olympic Flame? Doves/pigeons - Aidanna
Silver - Name two of the three Ajahs of the White Tower whose colours are NOT featured among the Olympic Rings.
Bronze - This famous Olympic device is passed in relay fashion between athletes during the opening ceremonies?
Gold - After what year's Games did the IOC decide to permit all professional athletes to compete in the Olympics?
Silver - A city desiring to host a future Olympics must first apply via what organisation?
Bronze - In what year did the IOC form the World Anti-Doping Agency in order to combat performance-enhancing drugs?
Gold - How many events in the Women's Athletics category of the Summer Games have been contested in every Games from the inception of the category in 1928 until the present?
Silver - Name three of the four countries to have been present at every official modern Olympic Games.
Bronze - As the first event conducted at the Athens 1896 Olympics and present at every Games since, this race can be said to be the longest-running (no pun intended) modern Olympic sport of them all?
Gold - What is the only game played with a standard pack of playing cards to have a world federation recognised by the IOC?
Silver - Due to World War II, the city of Sapporo, Japan's turn to host the Winter Olympics was delayed by how many years?
Bronze - What type of animal was the mascot for the Moscow 1980 Olympics?
Gold - What Roman emperor ended the Ancient Olympics as part of the imperial Christianisation campaign in AD 394?
Silver - What was the last year in which both the Summer and Winter Games were hosted in the same country? 1936 - Aidanna
Bronze - What is the name of the part of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies in which the host mayor transfers a flag to the IOC President to be handed to the mayor of the next host city?
Aidanna - 27
Theodora - 18
Basel Gill - 12
KassidyRose DaiShan - 4
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XIV: Gold

Pigeons were released to symbolically represent doves, which are the symbol of peace. They had to stop because the birds kept perching on the rim of the torch, and when they would light it, a bunch of pigeons would die.  

XVIII: Silver

1936. The winter olympics were held that year in Bavaria, Germany, which also hosted the summer olympics in Berlin that year. 

XIII Bronze:

Youth Olympic Games


(this is for the third target of the amazing race :wink:)


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