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Hall of Fame - noteworthy posts

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Alright, having looked for this post several times over several years now I'm finally implimenting an old idea I once had and ta-da!



Welcome to the Red Ajah's Hall of Fame


In this thread you will find random posts that for some reason or other made quite an impact. These posts give you, the casual visitor or inquisitive aspie, a better insight in not only the Ajah and it's members but also a part of our history and antics of the past.


Now, mind you, this is not a throw-in-anything-you-feel thread! Nore is it a place of competition. Just because some posts don't get posted here doesn't mean they're not interesting or important. This is a place where uniquely interesting, informative, humorous or contemplative posts are kept both as a nudge to check them out and also as a way for us to find them again without having to go over pages and pages of threads.


As a loose and general rule, the posts will be 'old'. Which means they will be at least a year old, preferably older. This way we can determine whether or not the post has indeed made an impact. Simply put, if you remember it after a year still it probably let an impact worth mentioning.



Who can post in this thread?

Every Senior Red can post directly.

Everyone else needs to present their suggestion to a Senior Red who then can discuss it with the Ajah and then it will be decided if it belongs in here or not.



How to post?


You post the quote of the post in question and you include a link to the original thread so people can go read the thread if they want to.



Alright, let's see how this goes shall we?






Head of the Red Ajah

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Note: this post is posted mainly for the situational sketch of an afternoon tea amongst the Greens occupying the Borderlands.

At the time of this post, Kara was the Head of the Green Ajah and the other Greens mentioned were Sitters or other staff members of the Greens. I think Ladria was a new Green then, but not sure.

oh and one more thing, Lily and Min are Real Life siblings.



I want to revive this a little bit.... because I had a talk with Rasheta and she inspired me. *nods*

The below can be find somewhere in one of the older threads at the Aspirant common room.


The Reds are the place to go if you want to be strong most of the time. Elgee described the Reds to me awhile ago as the place to be if you want to be left alone. This doesn't mean that they are just a bunch of hard people who are loners. Far from it, it just means that the people there are very much there own people. The Green Ajah is very very much a family. We are the place to go should you want that kind of thing. Not to say we and the Reds don't fight for what we believe in. We do that too but we are very much a place that cares about every part of the lives of our members.

well that's not entirely true. from the red side, that is. that description makes it sound like we don't care about our member's lives and that we aren't a family. We do and we are, we are just a different style of family and we don't pry into people's lives but are there when they choose to share whatever part of their lives they want to share. There's a difference to not caring about it.

I think one of the major differences between red and green is that reds in general don't need as much attention where greens in general do in order to feel that family bond. Which is not to say reds never need it or greens always need it, but just that there's a difference in the majority of the times. not withstanding the exceptions on both sides, of course.

Elgee is correct in saying reds in general want to be left alone. But that can be interpreted in different ways. It doesn't mean you can not approach a red, ask questions, ask for help, advise or simply talk and socialise. We love to socialise. But we also want to reserve the right to ask for help when we need it and be trusted to take care of ourselves when we don't ask it. We appreciate it when we're asked if something is wrong, should you feel a certain mood change, and at times we will want to talk about it. At other times we don't, though, and that's where we want to be left alone. This is part of our independent nature. We'll decide what we need, when we need it and how we need it.

In extension to that, we give that same consideration to others. We won't generally go prying into people's lives. We will ask questions about how ar eyou doing, everything ok with your family, how's school going, had a nice day at work, how's your father's health. But then it's up to the other person to decide how much they want to share or feel comfortable sharing. Some Reds we barely hear from in a month and they only pop in every once and a while. Others are here every day, heavily involved in the Ajah and the WT. Still others are here every day but are happily hopping about all over DM. We don't consider ourselves neglected because they don't come and speak to us every day or because they don't participate in every thread or event or because not all of them respond to a birthday thread or whatever. They are family but they have their own lives. What they choose to share of that life with us is up to them. Some people find this hard, and at times even I shafe a little at it, that's normal. At times we all need that cosy/huggy/cuddle feel.

Another difference with the Greens is that Greens can talk about a topic forever. They are astonishing chatters and always find something to chitchat about and their discussions are always interesting. And exhausting. LOL You will be hard pressed to find a discussion thread at the Reds that lasts longer than 5 pages on the same general topic. In part, that is because we never have a great deal of actually active reds on 'in' the Reds, but in part that's also because once we've said our thing we kind of have a feeling of 'ok, said my piece, others said theirs, nothing new to add, moving on.' Now, the Greens on the other hand, they àlways find a detail that was overlooked in the conversation up to now or a new twist to the general topic or a sideroad that is equally interesting or anything.... they can go on and on and on. Seriously, them Battle Sisters? Sometimes, I think they just talk them Trollocs to death. LOL Would go something like this:

*greens enjoying a nice afternoon at the Borderlands*
Kara: 'Oh, how cute, look. Trollocs. Come to join us for tea? Have a seat!'
Lily: 'Hey guys! We got Green Tea! Lovely stuff! Have some pie!'
Min: 'Did you know that Trollocs are really enslaved souls?'
Rash: 'No! Seriously? Ugh, how awful!'
Min: 'uhuh, they are. So we're actually doing them a favor by killing them. Once they're killed, those souls are set free.'
Kara: 'Are we cool or what?' *beams*
Lily: 'My sis is super wise. She once gave a class about Trollocs and none of the kids wanted to leave when it was over.'
Rash: 'I can believe that. So how are those souls trapped inside those bodies then?'
Min: 'Well, Ladria once gave me a book from the Browns that explained how Aginor did it. Horrid thing, that one.'
Kara: 'I'll never understand how an Aes Sedai could possibly turn to the Dark One'
Lily: 'Oh, I can. I think they were lured with false promises. You know how men get sometimes.'
All greens: 'uhuh, we know!' *giggles all around*
at this point the Trollocs start to fidget in their seat
Kara @ head Trolloc: 'cookie?' *holds out plate*
Min: 'So anyway, Aginor apparently took parts and pieces of animals, fused them together and then trapped one soul into it to animate it'.
Rash: 'No way! djeeeez!'
Lily: 'told you my sis was smart!' *beams*
Min: 'love you too sis' *smooch*
*Ladria joins the party*
Ladria: 'oh look, Trollocs, how cute. can I kill one?'
Kara: 'not yet, have a cookie'
*Ladria pouts but stuffs face*
Lily: 'so what happens to those souls once they are released? Doesn't the DO just reclaim them?'
Min: 'nope, because they (the souls, I mean) never belonged to him in the first place'
Rash: 'that's so cool! So we're serving the Light twice just by killing one Trolloc!'
Min: 'yup, pretty much.'
Ladria: can I kill one now?
Kara: 'not yet, have another cookie'
*Trollocs start to eminate steam from body*
Lily: 'hm, those guys don't look so good. You think they'll burn like vampires in the sun?'
Min: 'nah, don't think so. But that would be cool.'
Rash: 'so long as they don't start to flaming sparkle! That's just wrong!'
Kara: 'I hear ya', Sis. Sparkling vampires...... seriously... ' *rolls eyes*
Ladria: 'well if I can't kill one, can I cut one at least? I need to practice.'
Kara: 'No! that's a trapped soul you're wanting to torture!'
Ladria: 'huh? Trapped soul? whose?'
Rash: 'good question, who's souls are being put in those things?'
*Trollocs jump up and kill themselves to get away from the chitchat*
Kara: 'Oh, well, now that was rude. It didn't even taste my tea.'
Lily: 'Ya' think the soul will be ok? It won't be punished for committig suicide, will it?'
Min: 'Nah, don't think so. Will probably receive a medal or a fabulous next life'
Rash: 'That's way cool! And we made it happen! We rock!'
Ladria: 'Well this sucks! I didn't get to kill one and now there's none left to practice my sword forms on.' *scowls*
Min: 'btw, did you know that some Trollocs also sing?'
Rash: 'huh? No way!'
Lily: 'my sis is so smart!' *beams*




Link to the original thread: Red/Green Event: Differences/Similarities between the Reds and Greens

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the History of the Tower as written in 2006 by North Star.

It's an interesting read to see where it all started and how the various Ajahs evolved as well as to compare them to today.


Found again by Jagen Sedai. One of our wandering Reds :smile:

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lol it's a bit tooting my own horn, but it is indeed one of my most funny posts *grins*

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