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In defense of the Wheel of Time. . . .and a plug

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Hello, everyone. It's been a while since I've posted (life, career, you know. . .IRL) but I wanted to share two things with you.


I've seen the stuff on FB that's been posted regarding WoT being eligible for the Hugos. I've also seen some of the counter-arguments. People are entitled to their own opinion, of course, but I felt the need to step out and say "wait just a damn minute". The WoT has been a positive part of my life, and I was fortunate to meet RJ before he passed. I've also met BS & Harriet a couple of times, so I wanted to defend my friends. I've posted an essay on my website here.


As a writer, I'll pay homage to those who have come before me. I try not to make it obvious, but if you're widely read you'll pick up on them. I've recently released a novella here, and also on Amazon. There is a WoT reference in the text, (not in the illustrations, I'll save you the trouble) and I'll give a signed copy of the novella to the first 5 people who PM me with it. I'll be honest; I may not receive the hard copies until my debut novel comes out in September.  


Mods, if I've violated anything by posting the links to my work, I apologize. You can send Avi to straighten me out, if you want.  ;)




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Hey bluecole,


I think it's awesome you posted a blog with defense of the wheel of time :) I hope more authors will do that.


And of course i hope you will nominate WoT for a hugo.


Regards, Isabel

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