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La Cava - Namur (BE)


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So, as the name of the restaurant indicates it, La Cava is an Italian restaurant. It is quite a cheap one if u want to eat pizza or pasta (€) but a bit more expensive if u want to order a meat dish (€€). The place can be found in the very center of Namur (Belgium) in a small street only open to pedestrians.


The first time we went there, we were a bit afraid. From the street itself, u cannot see inside the restaurant. You can only see the door leading to a staircase. The area where u can eat is in the basement. But it's a really great basement : a gothic one with arches.




The restaurant itself is not that big, but there a three different rooms. So wherever u find urself eating, there is a really cosy feeling.


When we went there for lunch; it didn't take long to get filled with customers but the arches and the decorum made it so that everybody was quiet and respectful of the other customers. 


Like most of the restaurants in Namur, La cava is close to the shops and the commercial streets. You have a parking close by (2 minutes away) so you don't need to walk a lot to find it. The restaurant is also close to different bus stops.


The food is great, even if i always tend to order pizza (but then i'm an addict). They have special cocktails to greet the customers which they often change. The desserts are awesome. Their Tiramisu is one of the best (and biggest) i have ever eaten in a restaurant.



Address :

Rue de la Monnaie 20

5000 Namur


website : http://www.cavarestaurant.be/

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The menu looks alright (and I don't know why I was surprised, being in Belgium and all, but I was very happy to find the site was in French :) thanks for the link!). Now I'm curious as to what you ate - even if it was pizza?? ;)


I also think it's kind of awesome that their calzone ingredients are a surprise - have you ever tried it?


And also, is the basement really that dark?

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I always eat the same dish there, except once : the pizza with parmesan, grilled eggplants and anchovis (when i eat something i like in a restaurant, it's really hard for me to pick something else lol).


The only time i tried something else (and that was because one of my friends made me to), I went for the veal with the cream and tomato sauce, and the pasta. That dish was really filling. The slice of meat is almost as big as the plate !


The calzone looks indeed quite mysterious but i'm afraid there maybe something i don't like in it :tongue: i don't like black olives for example.


The restaurant is not as dark as they showed it on the picture. It is as light as in any other restaurants (at least during lunch time).


PS : do u speak french ? :biggrin:

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That contrefilet with two sauces does sound goooooood, even if it is filling... I wonder if they do take-away to Australia? *lesigh*



I'm glad the restaurant is not that dark.


I think I may have to challenge you to try the Calzone next time (*begs* pour moi, s'il te plaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt ) - I worked in restaurants for years through uni - I'm fairly sure if you ask them for no olives/whatever else you don't like, they'll be happy/able to comply  :wink:.


And then you can let me know about the surprise!  :biggrin:


RE PS: ouais!  :biggrin: (mais ca fait longtemps deja depuis que j'ai du l'utiliser - et, evidemment, j'oublie ou se trouve les accents sur l'ordinateur....  :rolleyes: )

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well i was planning on going to that restaurant this wednesday, so I may have a try at the calzone then ... but I can't make any promises. :tongue:


PS : c'est marrant de rencontrer enfin quelqu'un qui parle français ici,  :happy:

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