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Robert Jordan's sword collection

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I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place.

If not mods I'm sorry

Due to the economic downturn That is my life I'm having to sell a lot of my possessions.

I've listed a sword I bought from the Robert Jordan collection a few years ago on eBay.

This was Robert Jordan's ugly sword.

I hate to get rid of it but got bills to pay.

If this is not allowed mods please delete.





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That's neat.


Do you know anything about it besides the specs and that it used to belong to RJ?

Like how old is it, where RJ got it, who made it, etc?

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The certificate of authenticity says.


This particular item was Part Mr. Rigney's diverse collection of knives swords and and weaponry from all over the world and spanning many periods of history.

This sword is of modern manufacture and is inspired by the swords of Persia and China. It is a high-quality and battle worthy weapon featuring a long handle with orange plastic slabs of raised Ghouls and dragons.

This was easily the least attractive sword in Mr.Rigney's diverse collection yet one of the most functional.

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Team Jordan probably doesn't know anything more about it than what's in the certificate. Jordan was a little bit of a hoarder when it came to weapons and there were hundreds of pieces they had to disburse after he passed. They gave away a bunch of pieces to friends and family (I have Jordan's bokken sitting in my closet right now.) and the ones that weren't picked up were sold in the auction. But most of the pieces he owned had no value other than what he paid for them and whatever you attach as a fan of his books. 

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Thank you

thank you

thank you


Oh and I posted this on DM's Facebook and Twitter for you just now. Hopefully you get some bids.

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