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Mafia memes: because you can never have too many

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    • As they say it takes one to know one!
    • Last poll in PA seems to be the Quinnipiac Poll of 5/9-5/14 that had Biden with 39% support Sanders with 13%, Warren and Harris each with 8%.  This is the Rea ClearPolitics aggragatePoll which includes three polls going back to the end of March. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/pa/pennsylvania_democratic_presidential_primary-6860.html
    • "6 out of 9 Justices are part of a religion that 56 years ago, America was convinced shouldn't have been able to hold the office of POTUS because of prejudiced view that they would hold an allegiance to the Pope, over that of our constitution and country."   Actually 56 years ago was 1963 three years after a Roman Catholic won election as President. Also does the fact that 56 years ago most Americans would agree that being black, a woman or an athiest disqualified one from being President mean that that view have any relevance for today?     "Unless their judicial philosophy is to say F*** precedence , liberals, and any interpretation of the constitution that doesn't conform to the republican party's view..  :Wink:"   I think you are reading your own biases into my argument. I may vehemently disagree with the decisions of many Liberal Justices. Indeed, I think both Roe V. Wade and the Gay Marriage decisions were fundamentally flawed. However I think that is do to the philosophical judical philosphy that those judges followd not becasue they went into the cases already determind to see a particular outcome and taylored their philosophical views to fit.   " the moral & Philosophical aspects of the Mother's right to privacy and life, versus that of the Embryonic cell's/Fetus's right to life/self seems rather integral to the constitutional arguments of the validity of abortion rights."   Only if you can point out to constituutional provision wish covers abortion rights or on the other hand are arguing that Fetus' have a constitutional right to be protected. THe view of most conservatives and all Conservatice Justices has been that a right to abortion is simply not covered in the constituition and that therefore states are free to restrict or ban abortions within their individual borders a they see fit.
    • " News Papers are a bit more reputable than the random #fakenews website that grannies share on FB. Like, even the Inquirer is more reputable than some of these organizations that brand themselves as news..."   So for you the fact that its a corporate entity that is deceminating the news makes it more valid? 
    • "If I gave you access to my cloud, You're able to view the files, you can download them, (technically seeing any picture online means you download it), but you don't own the intellectual property that is within it.Distributing my intellectual property against my express wishes, infringes upon my intellectual property rights."   Sure I cannot sell your intellectual property and make a profit but the issue you do not address is that by giving me access to your cloud account yuo are voiding your claim of "privacy". Unless you can make a claim that access to the cloud was conditional on my agreement not to disclose anything disclosed there your giving me access voids your legal claim to a privcy right to whats in the cloud. And when you showed me the qalbum you gave me access to technalogy to duplicate the materials therein then your claim to a privacy interest in the pictures would have very little legal validity. 
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